Saturday, October 19, 2013

Essence Octoberfest TE review

Hello girls, so recenly I was one of the 12 lucky winners from one of Essence's raffle and today my prize arrived, I got thelip balm, paper lashes, eyeshadow box, naul stickers, twi nai polishes and the purple braclet, all in a cute transparent-orange bag - similar to the blue one from some years ago : )
Let's start with the two polishes - I got the geerna nd the purple one
The purple is dark and only needs one coat to look good, the green one on the other hands is in lght green and has a shimering effect, it also needs 3 coats.
Small, transperent lip balm in a jar. It has a really nice light smell, easy to apply with you finger, althou a bit unhygenic. When I come hope with the pacage I actually went out again to the local big supermarket, so I hava to cross over a bridge, over a river and today is really windy and walking on the bridge only adds more wind, so it was perfect ti try it out. It felt really nice and my lips didn't feel dry at all. All and all this little baby is going in my bag : )
 By now you should know I love lashes and anything to do whit them, so whenI saw this I was pretty stoned. They aremade of something like paper, it's not your normal paper - it's almoust like plastic. I love the fact, that the glue (it has been the same whit all of the fake lash products fro Essence I havetried in the past about 2 years) is in this bright neon blue, so it is really easy to see when the glue has become sticky - when you can't see the glue anymore.
with the glue

I really ike the I 'll most probably incoporate it in to my haloween make-up : )
01 I MOG IT!

2 eyeshadow, mini lipgloss and a turitorial

Small and easy to carry around "gift box" with two eyshadow a pink and purple one, wtch are perfect for a smokey-eyed look and a mini ligloss in a wonderful liht pink colour, witch is perfect for the winter. The eyeshadows arent really pigmenated, so if you are looking for bold olour - this is not for you.

I can't find the pic with the purple braclet, but it looks really cute :)

All and all  I like this TE, for me it's winter-y, so the timing is also great.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lip peeling Catrice Candy Shock TE

Hey girls, I sure hope you have better weather, than we o, it's like 5 degrees here and it's till the beggining of October brrrrr. Any ways last week, during may be our last sunny day I was walking by a new pharmacy near where I live and saw they had Catrice and even better - the Candy Shock TE !
So i bouth 3 stuff - two caviar polishes and the lip peeling (scrub)

And today we are having a review of the lip scrub, here is what it says on the official Catrice websait
"Real sugar crystals free your lips of excess skin cells and pamper them until they feel wonderfully soft and supple. Simply apply on your lips in small, circular movements using the flock applicator. The results: gorgeous smooth lips. With a fruity spring scent! "
You know, I had my doybts about it, but I must say I really like it, it has a spounge aplicator
 The scrub itself is in the form of a transpernt gelly whit real small sugar cubes !
 You know sugar has been used and is still beeing use as a main ingridiant for all kinds of scrubs, the lips are no exeption ! It leaves your lips soft and readyu for lipsmacking action ; )
And don't get me started on the smell, it smells really fruity and candy-ish, I mean I wanted to eat it all... it was hard to resist. I'm thinking of going to the store to get atleast one more, I LOVE it : )

Where to buy: Sotres that sell Catrice in your area
Cost: 6.09 lv / around 3 euro or 6.09 euro... i should really check if they change the price :D