Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disco Tech Top Coat review

What is it ? Well it's a transplanet top coat that glows under the UV lights, witch means that everytime you walk by UV lights all the eyes will be on your glowing nails ! No matter if you are in a disco, club, cafe ... it just looks great ^ ^ This one i by Miss Sporty and it cost somewhere around 2 euro. Before it I've used a similar one by "Perfect", but they no longer make that top coat. To be honest, I didn't find a big difference between the Miss Sporty one and the Perfect one,the only one I could find, was that the Miss Sporty one dries qucker. It really is a fun "must have" for every party lover ^ ^

Friday, January 20, 2012

Virtual make-over

Ok, so there are a lot of sites out there for virtual make-overs, but I must say my fave one is http://www.taaz.com/
There you can choose one of the models or upload your own picture. I like the fact, that the produucts you use are real, not just made-up colours, you can see witch product your putting on,in witch shade and even how much does it cost. You can also put on diferend hair styles and save your "work of art"

For example, from this picture:

You can do this:

And many more stuff, you should check it out if you like stuff like this ^ ^

Body Lotions /review/

First I would like to say sorry for being a bit slow, but m season starts today in uni, so I had a lot of things to do ^ ^

So today I'm going to talk about my two fave body lotions - One from Garnier and the other one is from Balea ^ ^
This how they look like /don't mind the background, I'm just listening to music/

First let's review the one by Garnier
I must say I'm pretty happy whit my skin, I don't get spots, I don't burn in the sun, I get tanned fast .... But last year I got some stuff injected in me, because i pass out a lot and from that i got "orange skin" on the top parts of my arms /I have no idea what are they called/ , this means that i got small pages on my arms, that were just like the peel of an orange and when i go on the sun, they don't get tanned /I'm so happy it's over now/ and that's when i really stared trying all kinds of dierent body lotions and in the end I found the perfect one for me - Garnier Body - body repair lotion. It's for dry skin. This year they had new lotions and there was one for really dry skin - I didn't like it ... But having in mind, that this lotion helped me whit the orange skin situation... talks for it's self ^ ^ I still use it /not every day, but i try to use it as often as I can/. The smell is good, but nothing special ^ ^ It makes your skin smoother and gives it a pretty good look ^ ^ Here it costs around 7 leva and Garnier doesn't transform they're prices, so I guess it should be around 7 euro ?

The other lotion I like is the summer LE "summer glam" from Balea /DM drogerie/
I love it's glitter, it has small glittery parts, that stay all day/night, look great under the sunlight or the artifical /my spelling is getting worse, I should write more often in english ^ ^/ lights. It smell is great /coconut milk/. I like the fact that the glitter isn't "in your face", it's not too much, it's just perfect ^ ^ This also doesn't transform it's price and here it was 4.19 leva, witch means - 4.19 euro ... It was a LE, but we still have it, so ... ^ ^

Have a nice day and remember, that skin care is very important ^ ^

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cheetah / snow cheetah make-up ideas

Hey everyone ^ ^ I knew I said will do a review, but my battery is dead, so I will just have to do whit some older stuff.
Two of my friends wanted to be cheetah and a snow cheetah for Halloween this /last/ year and asked me to do they'r eyes. So I tried the looks on me at home ^ ^
I did one of my eyes in brown and the other in white/silver.
When doing a cat involved look, the extended eye is very important. And knowing how to do it right is also very important. For example, in my case - I have rounder eyes, so if I put black /in this case/ eyeliner all over my lash line - that won't be a good idea, because my eyes will always look even rounder /that's the reason my eyes are all most closed in 90% of the pics I upload/
For round eyes, it's best do devide your eye in 3 sections - from the inner corner of your eye to the part where the iris begins, the whole iris is the 2 section /iris = the colour of the eye/ and the 3rd one - from the iris to the outer corner of the eye. Than you put liner only on sections 1 and 3 /and you may put a very thin line on the 2nd section/
First you apply the shadows, then you make the "cat" lines, than you make the cheetah prints and last, but not least you put on your fave mascara /if you want you can put on fake lashes on, or only half fake lashes on the outer corner of the eyes/
So I'll start whit the brown cheetah - for it I used only Essence products /exept the mascara/

- Jumbo pencil /brown one/ from the In to the Wild TE
- Brown eyeshadow from the pocket beauty Glamor and Go pallet
- Eyeliner pen

1 Apply the Jumbo eye pencil all over the lid
2 Apply brown eyeshadow on top of the pencil /the pencil will help to keep it "stuck"/
3 Draw the inner corner of the eye
4 Draw the outer corner
5 Draw the cheetah print - this is super easy - just make "c" faced to each other, circles ... They don't have to pe perfect, because in real life the cheetah print isn't perfect ^ ^
6 Here is the time to add some kind off false lashes if you want /As you can see - I didn't/
7 Apply mascara - in this case I used a mascara from Imapla - I'm not that of a fan of theyr mascaras... but theyr eyeliners are to die for ^ ^


- White gel eyeshadow from Miss Sporty
- White shadow from the Glamor to go pallet from Essence
- White shimmery eyeshadow - starlight by Essence
- Eyeliner pencil

Repeat the steps from above, first apply the gel eyeshadow /if you decide to/, the the white one and just a lill' bit of the shimmery one. Everything else is the same ^ ^

Here are some other photos of the look, have you ever tried doing the cheetah print ?

The wiiner of the giveaway ^ ^

So sorry, for not writing anythi8ng this year, I just had some personal stuff going on /i kind - off broke my ankle, and the semester is all most over.../

The winner from the mini was randomly chosen from the 4 coments, with the help of random.org

As you can see it choose comment number one, witch was made by NatalieDouka ^ ^
She will win a small must have "Classic chick" - red lipstick and nail polish, black eyeliner and black mascara - these are the must haves for me ^ ^

Later today I will post a new review ^ ^