Friday, February 15, 2013

Catrice's Glamour Doll mascara + nail polish review

Hey girls, how has the weather been where you are ? Here in Bulgaria it rained yesterday for the whole day and today was so sunny and warm... I felt like it was spring already !
View from my balcony : )
I managed to get my hands on some money and went on a small shopping spree, I got high-waisted denim shorts (only 25lv, on sale from 50lv, woohooo), The Glamour Doll mascara from Catrice, witch I waned to try one polish, because theyr whole range of nail polishes are on a -50% sale, because they are updating them and the transparent matting powder from Essence,witch was again on a -50% sale, some food and my money was gone -.- I'm hoping to get a change to go again, before they replace everything, because they have some awesome stuff, that's going to be no more : (

Let's start whit the mascara, you may have noticed that I am a huge lash freak, so when i saw on the Internet page of Catrice ( this new "Glamour Doll" mascara, I just had to have it !
On the site it says
"Doll Eyes are dominating the international catwalks– this calls for our specially developed elastomer brush. Why? Simple: it captures a lot of the creamy mascara texture, spreads it well and covers each individual lash without weighing it down. The result: extra volume, length and density. That’s how to get huge doll eyes! Opthalmologically tested. "

Do I like it - yes, do I agree on a 100% whit the description above - no
The wand is great, kind-of like the definition one Maybelline use to have - it can bend.
My "problem" whit it, if I can even call it a problem, is that it doesn't give me volume, but my lashes are naturally very volume-y,so it doesn't matter : )
It gives you lashes a "false lash"effect, makes your lashes look thicker, like plastic,but in a good way, they are still flexible, but have this shine. (I should really save up for a new camera)

Where to buy: Places where they sell Catrice in your area
Cost: 8.19lv

And this is the polish
510 Bye, Bye Birdy!
Please, avoid the fact that I still haven't cleaned around my nails :D
Natural sunlight

As I've said before - it's really easy to apply, on the pic above it has only one coat on ! That's right, only one : )
Where to buy: From places that sell Catrice in your area
Cost: Now they are getting rid of them, so: 2.55lv

What kind of polishes do you prefer - shiny or matte ? I prefer matte, but it's really hard to find any matted polishes : ( Any ideas ?


  1. I have to try this mascara, seems that everyone loves it! The polish colour is so bright and pretty!

  2. I've never tried any Catrice mascara, but I really like the brush of this one! And it just looks really great on you.
    For the polish, oh my god :D I've been in the store they started to sell Catrice here and when I saw all the sales, I couldn't help myself... I bought couple of things, mostly polishes - I really love Catrice ones, they are super pigmented, last quite good and they are also fast drying on my nails <3 And I was also thinking about this colour, but in the store it looked way too orange for me... But on your photo it's such a stunning yellow colour. But the true is, that when I got home with the polishes, they all looked a bit different than in the store, maybe it was the artificial lights in there =/ So I don't know, maybe I will get back for this one as well :D :D

  3. Natalie - You won't be sorry !

    Niky - it's a really bright,sunny, not neon colour. In the our store they look differend too, sO I was happy when I got out and saw the true colour : )

  4. Aww... you really made me unsure now :D :D I think I'll buy it... And also I wanted the Blue Cara Ciao one, such lovely blue it was, I didn't buy it, but then saw swatches on the internet... So I think I'll go shopping tommorow again :D
    And also, I wanted to write about the last question of yours, but I wrote such a long text and forget then :D I myself prefer glossy finish of my polish, but some colours look stunning with matte effect. I know that matte polishes have for example Avon, Golden Rose or some other brands. I don't have any polish with a finish like that, but when I want my nails matte, I just put mattifying nail polish top coat... So just buy one and you can have each polish matte on your nails^^

  5. I do have one by Catrice, witch I adore, but they don't make it anymore and mine is almoust finished, so now I'm looking for new solutions : )
    most people prefer glossy polishes, but I have more different clothes and when my nails are glossy it gets a bit too much :D

  6. Oh, I see... I'm always really angry when they stop making some product that I really like... Happening quite often with my fave products xD
    Well, if you have any of these brands near to you, I think matt top coat has such drugstore brands like Rimmel, Miss Sporty, NYC, Flormar... But not all of them are in every store, we don't have the NYC nor the Rimmel here, but in your country they may sell them^^

  7. We have Rimmel, Miss Sporty and Flomar here, but neither of them has a matt top coat : ( I've been loking and I just can't seem to find one anywhere, but in the first week of April I';ll be going to Montenegro and Crotia, so I'll have a look there too, thnaks for the suggestion : )