Friday, February 8, 2013

DM's hair complex review (das gesunde plus)

How was your week ? Here today got very windy -.-
I have some problems n my knee and all the vitamins and stuff go there (organism reflex) and I get pimples, my nails are weaker and my hair lost all it's heath, so I had to do something and I got this baby
It's from DM's own brand "Das gesunde plus" and it's a complex of vitamins for the hair (and nails). It has 60 capsuls and 1 capsul
includes - 1.4mg vitamin B1
              -  4.6mg    B2
              -  2.0mg    B6
              -  1.0mg    b12
and a few more, witch I can't read from the Bulgarian label and I have no idea what it means in German. You have to take one per day - I take mine around 10:00 in the evening and it has no taste.
I have only about 10 left and the situation is getting better and better (whit my hair and nails). In combo whit the things from my previous post my hair got it's healthy shine back, no more split ends (have in mind that I did cut my hair, but since than it's been OK ). So I must say that it only did good to me, if you have similar problems and have a DM store in your city - what are you waiting for ?

Where to buy - At all DM stores
Cost - around 6 lev /  6 euro or 3 euro, I'm not really sure if they change the prices :D

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