Monday, December 12, 2011

Eyebrow stylist set by Essence - review

These are all the parts of the set. It conatins two colours - light brown and dark brown, a brush and 3 templets /and a "how to use" helper /

This is how the shapes look

The first shape is whit the lighter colour, the second is whit the darker colour and the last one /one the bottom/ is a mix of both. I have really dark hair /black/ there for my eyebrows are black as well. And the darker colour is more for me.

As Make-up 101 says
- blonds - darker colour
- brunets - lighter colour
than your natural colour, I am a brunet, so I need a lighter colour so having black eyebrows the dark brown is perefct for me.

I don't use it very often, because my eyebrows are naturally very tick so it looks like I always have something on them, but when I get a lill' bit over the top whit the tweezers - this is the thing that saves me ^ ^
I like the fact that it is small and portable
I like the pigmentation
The 3 shapes are OK, but I would like another more ticker one ^ ^

How much does it cost - I think I got it for around 6 leva, so 3 euro for most of you ^ ^ Witch for most of your standards isn't expensive ^ ^

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