Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Essence's Soft touch mousse make up

This is one of the first products i tryed and both from essence. First time i saw it from a friend of mine / whom i met in France by acidenty, we were both on two differend excurshanos, but in the same time at the exact sam places ^ ^ / so in her room the hotel i saw she both this little thing, that looked like a mono eyeshadow ^ ^ / yes i both one the next day ^ ^/ . I tryed it from her to see if it was any good - YES it is ^ ^ It makes your skin really soft and hides everythig. But i don't like putting it all over my face. I just put it on top of a pimple,when i get one, if i have balck circles around my eyes -it hides them very well by the way - and under my eyebrowa, beacuse they are really close down to my eyes and in that way i highlight them and make it seem like they are higher ^ ^ Bu t that's just me /i wanna save it ^ ^ WHo knows if i will have money to bye it when it's over. I may have to save and it will take me 3 days whitout anything ^ ^/ My frindon the other hand uses it all over her face and neck. The strange thing is, that now after maby around almoust 2 years of use her skin becaume naturaly soffter and prettyer ^ ^

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