Sunday, October 9, 2011

Maybelline One by One mascara review

This right now is my all time favorite mascara. It cost around 12 leva/euro and you can bye it from every cosmetic shop ^ ^ It has a big brush, so it makes huge volium. It goes thru every single lash, making each one of them long and black. I would say that it's a combo between the Black drama by Maybelline, Stays On and On and On by Essence and Million lashes by L'oreal ^ ^ I recomend it whit all my heart ^ ^

Sunny's WS: One sleeve for beginers ^ ^

We already have Sunny's tips, witch is for beauty tips, this is a bit differend. Sunny's Work Shop /WS in short/ is the place, where I will show you how to make all kinds of differend stuff. In this one we are going to make a nice and simple one sleeve blouse. It's very easy and perfect for beginers ^ ^ Let's start by saying what we need: - 1 meter of fabric of your choice, but it has to be elastic ! - Scissors - pins - Sawing machine / or you can do it by hand, but it will take you more time p.s. Now's the time to tell you that at the bottom of my post you will see the gif whit all the steps ^ ^ 1. You take your fabric, fold it in two /the print has to be on the inside / 2. Place it on you - put the middle part /that's fold it/ next to your left side. Your arm shoud go on on top. Like you arewrapping yourself in it. 3. put the right part over your right showder and just pin it. Let the other part of the fabric loose. 4. Go to your waist and pin the two sides of the fabric together. 5. Now go to where you want the blouse to end and do the same. 6. Take a pen and just mark all the places whit pins. 7. Take of the fabric 8. Take a pen: - draw a line between the waist pin and the edn-of-the-blouse pin. - go to the top right corner of the fabric and draw a line - around 6-8 cm., on eye. - draw a line from the waist pin, to the end of the line you just made / look at the gif, it will make more sence. - draw a line on the bottom, where the blouse is going to end 9. Cut out on the lines you just made / look at the gif/ 10. Now we get to the sawing part. - Open the blouse, now turn in a little part from the bottom. about 1 cm - do that along the whole bottom part - sew it - Do the same to the top part - Now fold it back. Look at the top part, see where the pin and pen mairking are ? Remove the pin and sew everything from it to the end of the fabric /this is your sleeve/ - Now sew from the bottom to the waist pin/marking - Then from the waist to the end of the sleeve . - Turn the end of the sleeve, like we did whit the ends in the begining and sew it. 11. Wear it ^ ^ p.s. It took me more time to write it down, than to do it ^ ^

Sunny's tips: Natural highlights on the hair ^ ^

The newest trend, that started in the begining of the summer and goes on at least till the end of the winter is the brownish/redish/beggie highlights in the hair. It dosn't matter if we are talking about the whole hair, or only some tufts. I'm gonna share whit you a few ways to make your hair in a lighter color /or make tufts/ whit some help from mother nature ^ ^ In that way, you will not only get the fashionable colour you want, but your hair be more healthy and shiny. 1) Chestnut Just boil some in hot water. Depending on your hair - for long hair around 10-15 chestnuts will be fine and for short 5 will be perfect. Soak your hair in it. After from 30 to 60 minutes wash your hair like you normaly do. For a more intense effect stay whit it longer. The effect isn't that big, it looks like it has been done natural, by the sun ^ ^ Like beeing on the beach for 2 mounths ^ ^ 2) Nettle Do the same thing whit the nettle ^ ^ / look above, number 1) / 3) Beer Wash your hair whit it ^ ^ That's it ^ ^ And again - the more you stay whit it, the more intense the colour is going to became ^ ^ 4) Honey You will need honey and water / whit ph 7/, and one tea spoon of: cineman or vinegar or coconut oil. The proportion is 1:6 honey: water. Mix as much as you feel you need for your hair and add the ocineman/vinegar or coconut oil. Put it on wet hair, just wet, not dripping wet. Put on a shower cap or foil and a towel on top. Stay like this for one hour and after that rinse whit water.

Sunny's tips: White nails and teeth

I bet you all want pearly white teeth and nice, clean, white nails. Here are some little, yet effective tricks for you ^ ^ Nails: Buy an ordinary whitening, put a bit on a toothbrush/soft one, you can buy a new one, the cheap one cost less than a cup of coffe ^ ^/ and massage it on your nails /after first cleaning them up of course/. After that put you nails /hands/ in warm water whit fresh lemon juice and small parts of the lemon /as we all know it's great for whitening stuff/ And then put on some nail oil or if you don't have any - just put some vinegar ^ ^ Teeth: I'm going to share whit you two ways 1) Lemon and soda /cooking soda/ Just mix fresh lemon juice whit cooking soda, until you get a paste. Put that on your teeth for a few minutes and the wash away whit your toothbrush. 2) Strawberry and soda /cooking soda/ Smash a strawberry and add half tea spoon of cooking soda. Put the paste on your teeth for a few minutes and wash away whit you toothbrush. Here you can use things you can use at home and things you already have. You don't have to give a lot of money to have an amazing effect ^ ^

Sunny's tips : Are you a winter, summer, autumn ot spring ?

/ I hope someone will read it ^ ^ / You may know, that these are the four categoryes that we belong to. Every category has colours - these colours sill be the one that will look the best on you ^ ^ So, let's start ^ ^ /images from google/ Spring
- Light skin colour - Rose/apricote coloured cheeks / mainly.. there are exaehsans / - May have frackles - Light hair - from blond, light brown to honey - Light blue, light green, greeny-blue,green, gold-brown and light brown eyes - Eyebrows and eyelashes are in light or brown colour - Often they don't get tenned - they get sun burned ^ ^ Make-up for "Spring" The Spring Woman has a fresh, natural, elegan look. The colours she has to use are warm Make-up - light tones, whit a sinch of shimary and apricote blush/rose blush. If they get icon_redface.gif very often - they should use more brownish colours Powder - in yellow - begie Lip stick/ lip pencil - in warm colours - like pink, coral... Eyeshadow - gold, yellow, honey, apricot, blue / turquas / Eyebrow pencil - begie will be best Mascara - in the day - dark brown will look great on you Eye pencil/eyeliner - in smooth green, turquaz or brown - that will define your eyesIt will be best if you use the same colour as your eye colour. Nail colour - it will be great if it is simmilar to the lip stick's colour ^ ^ Colors that suits best for clothes,make-up...... - brown - beige - yellow - white - gold - orange - red - pink - blue - green What NOt to put - Purple ^ ^ Summer
The summer girls have a lot of differences between them. - Light skin, whit a bit og grey highlights - May have frackles - They'r cheeks don't stand out whit a differend colour - They'r hair has a little grey higlith and its from blonde to brown - The't eyes are blue,green,greenesly-grey,breon - The white part of the eys is blurry Make-up for "Summer" The best season for smokey eyes ^ ^ Mainlu dull colours Make-up - in beige or pinky-beige Blush - in cold pink, or smudgy,fark,almoust invisbale red.The blush has to be very descreet Powder - in pinky-beige Lipstick/lip pencil - cold pink/dark red /not neon !/, dark pink Eyeshadow - silver,grey,violet,grey-brown,grey-blue, grey-purple,cold mint Eyebrow pen - mainly in brown, very discreet Mascara - black will be best, also dark blue and dark green Eyepencil/liner - in grey,blue Nail polish - to look good whit the lipstick ^ ^ Colour, taht look great on you /clothes,make-up.../ - beige - yellow - white - silver - grey - pink - red - purple - blue - green What NOT to wear - gold - brown Autumn
They evan look good whiout make-up and have very matted skin ^ ^ - Light eyes - brown,green , grey,blue - Ligh brown,dark blond, red, orange hair - Perfectly matty skin - Naturaly red cheeks - When exposed to sun - get a perfect ten - Naturaly have darker skin Make-up for "Autumn" Make-up - just a bit, to bring out the eyes - broznse to beige colours Blush - in orange for lighter skin colour and in dark red for darker skins Powder - yellowishly- brownishly-beige Lipstick/lippencil - gold/brown or domato red Eyeshadows - Gold, ohra, bronz, honey, green,beige, dark brown Eyebrow pencil - disgreet brown Mascara - Black, dark brown too Eyepencil/liner - turqua,brown and dull green Nail coplour - beige, neon colour are not for you What colours you have to wear ? - beige - brown - yellow - gold - white - grey - red- orange - purple - green What Not to wera - silver - pink - blue Winter
These girls have a greta contrast, just like Snow White ^ ^ - Light skin - Dark hair - mainly black - Dark eyes - may be lighter, but are deep / / - Dosen't get tanned fast - Natural red cheeks Make up for "Winter" Make-up - light, beige Blush - the same as the lipstick Powder - natural beuge Lipstick/liner - blueberry, cold brown and dull pink Eyeshadows - silver, dull pink,light grey,dark green,dark purple,violet dark blue Eyebrow pencil - as the hair - dark brown or balack Mascara - black all the way Eyepencil/liner - dark colour, mostly black Nail color - light colours, dark dull ones toobrown What colours to wear ? - beige - only make-up - yellow - silver - white - black - grey - red - pink - purple - blue - green What Not to wera - beige / exept make-up / - gold - orange

Sunny's tips : Skin care 101

It's very important to choose products for your age and skin type Daily care The daily care routine is from 3 steps, that you have to do every morning and before you go to bed / i can't really get my self to, but i hope you girls do them ^ ^ And my "m" isn't showing much ... hvae it in mind / --------------- Cleaning --------------- It's best to use cream - if you have normal to dry skin gel - if you have from normal to oily skin --------------- Toning --------------- The toner is one of the most neglected products, but it's very important for having good skin . -------------- Moisturising ------------- For this you can use creams - day creams - night creams - remember you hvae to put the 30 minutes before going to bed, so it can go deep in your skin ^ ^ [b]Special care[b] -------------- Exfolienting ------------ There are two kinds - Scrubs - you rub it on yor face - you put it on after cleaning your face. This is similar to heaving a new skin, beacuse the rubbing that really gets rid of all death skin. After using it you HAVE to put on cream. - Peeling - ypu put it on your face after cleaning it for about 15 minutes, then you peel it off, clean your face whit water and put on a cream. The scrubs take awaya more dead skin and that's why they are recomended for people whit bigger face problems - big spots, pimples and ect. The peeling ones are strong too, but tney leave the skin more smoot, that thne other one. It's recomened you use them 2-3 times a week and if you have sensative skin - only once. --------------- Masks ------------ This has been used for centures to make skin evan smoother and more perfect. You choose your mask depending on your skin type. You have to use it maximum 1 or 2 times a week. ------------- Eye cream ------------ This area is very sensative, that's why it need speacial care. It's reacomndd that youu start using it after the age of 25, but if you need to use it sooner - do it. What's the best way to put it on ? Put little dots of the cream right under your lower lashes - on top of the cheek bone and the whit "tapping" whit your ring finger, so you don't put too much preshure on in. After that you repeat the same thing, but the dots of cream are on the bottom of your eyebrown bone ^ ^ If you have very oily scean - it's better to use a eye gel ^ ^

Sunny's tips : What's your skin type

This is the first topic and it's all about finding out your skin type ^ ^ And for some reason latley i started writing whit more spelling mistakes ^ ^ Sorry if a leter is missing, my keyboard is playing games on me ^ ^ You have been warned ^ ^ /And no, the a),b)... letters are like that ^ ^ / 1 How do you feel your skin ? a) smooth and normal b) tight and taut c) dry in some parts and normal in others d) oily and shiny 2 How does your skin look in the middle of the day ? a) fresh and clean b) there are red parts / on your face ^ ^ / c) shiny in the T-zone / forhead,nose and chin / d) oily and/or shiny all over 3 How often do you get pipulse,black heads ... a) rarely e) from time to time c) often e) before/during my period 4 How do the poers on your face look ? a) they are from small to medium b) they are very small or unnoticable c) they are noticeable on m y T-zone d) they are big and easy to see 5 Whitch of these describes you ? / check all that do / e) I get sunburned... alot e) i get red dots on y face from stress e) i get spots and red dots when there are big chages in the wather e) my sceab reacts whit some cosmetics d) none of the above If you have mainly: a) - Your skin type is - normal b) - Your skin type is - dry c) - Your skin type is - mixed d) - Your skin type is - oily e) - Your skin type is - sensitive

Essence eyeliner swatches /all black/

Ok, so here i made a short animation presenting 4 items, whit the help of witch you can make .... well what ever you want ^ ^ Here I've used a very basic look, so you can see how it looks whit each of these products - the powder eyeliner and eyeshadow, black mania kajal pencil, pencil eyeliner and the gel eye liner ^ ^ On 3 of the looks, i even made my lashes disapear,with the help of a loose powder, so you will see the colour and lines better.
So it's practacly from softer to harder / from top left,teh right,then bottom left and of cours right /. I tryed to make the thinest line i can under my waterline and clearly the winner was the gel, after that pencil, powder and the kajal at the end. I love all of them, so it really depents on what look you're after ^ ^

I ♥ STAGE eyeshadow base review

"the i love stage – eyeshadow base has to get on stage! it can be applied diversely either as primer for concealers or eye shadows. the creamy texture does not crease, makes the eye shadow last longer and appear much more color intensive. for an even eye make-up waiting for its gig on stage!" Ok, I ♥ this base ^ ^ The colour really pops up more, about how long it holds - you will have to find out tomorrow ^ ^ I just apply some on my lid and smudge it whit my finger ^ ^ And by the way it works great for a high lighter and a conceler around the eyes ^ ^ It's perfect for non-creamy eyeshadows, because it will help them stay in place and fall over your face or during the day ^ ^ And from the looks of it it will last a long time, so you don't have to worry about getting a new one soon ^ ^

I ♥ GLAM powder eyeliner and eyeshadow review

"the ultimate all-round talent in terms of dramatic eye make-up: as a matter of fact the powder eyeliner & eye shadow is eyeliner and eye shadow in one. due to its loose khol texture it can be applied as both eyeliner and eye shadow. the special flock applicator provides an especially even result and the super fine shimmery pigments provide the i-love-styling with the absolute wow-effect! " I am IN LOVE whit this product... Seriously.... The applicator is hard from the inside, but soft on the outsite and it's flexible at the end, so it really is perfect.The amount that goes on your skinis just perfect and it has this very nice shimmery effect, witch you will love. I know it says "I love glam", but when i saw how it looks on the skin the world - stage - came up in my mind. It's totally what I would wear on the stage - no matter if I'm dancing or acting. It will just look perfect - it doesn't matter if the sun or the lights "light up" the sparkle on your eyes, that this will give you, will always look PERFECT ^ ^

Review: Cosnova brushes

Ok, so now i can say I'm INLOVE whit these brushes, no seriosly I am ^ ^ Let's start whit Essence
Smokey eyes brush "now you can create smokey eyes as easy as 1,2,3: the soft, rounded bristles in a trendy, intense purple color ensure an even smoother eye shadow application for breathtaking smokey eyes! comes in a practical pouch." The perfect blending brush ! I've tryed other ones, and i've never been happier whit a blending brush.... Combine the smokey eyes set whit this brush /and eye pencil/ and you will get the most perfect smokey eyes ever, i promise ^ ^ The brush comes in a packag, so it stays clean ^ ^ And ofcours it's purple ! ^ ^
Gel eyeliner brush "one applicator, plenty of looks: the special gel eyeliner brush allows you to create a multitude of styles ranging from classic to sexy to dramatic! thanks to the slanted bristles in a trendy blue color, the gel eyeliner brush is a true eye-catcher! comes in a practical pouch with a fashionable design." Yet another perfect brush. The brush absolutly flat and the edge is super thin, witch helps you get the perfect line - dosen't matter if you want a thin line, or a tick one - it all can be done whit ease whit this brush. It's perefct for drawing lines under your water line by the way ^^ It's in blue and it too comes in a package ^^
Blush brush "pink is beautiful! particularly in terms of the new blush brush from essence. its soft, beveled brush hair are perfect for shading and modeling face and cheeks. especially the cheek area can be professionally accentuated and highlighted with the blush brush. the brush is always well kept in the handy, transparent packaging and always ready for action." The feel is sooo nice, it's like silk, cotton and a cloud in one ^ ^ I got it today, but i just had to try it ^ ^ The shape of the brush is perfect, you can adjust the blush exactly the way you want, you can turn the angle of the brush depenting on how much you want to put. It also has the perfect angle modeling the face and the cheek bones. I' m really happy whit it
Powder blush "wellness program for your skin: the velvety soft brush hair subtly glide over your skin. due to its slightly rounded form lose or pressed powder can be ideally dispersed for a flawless finish. when travelling it can quickly be stored in the corresponding outer package." It again has this silky-cotton-cloud AMAZING feel on your face. The shape is pretty good, it's not flat, it has a small angle, witch i love. I tryed it whit a compact powder and a loose powder and both looked great and were exactly where i wanted, as mush as a i wanted and blended perfectly, witch if you don't have a good brush is imposible ^ ^ They are in these super cute travel bags and are in amazing pink / fashion violet whit a black end. I can recomend every single one of these brushes to all of you ^ ^ Now moving on to Catrice
Eye Shadow Brush ""A true classic that can handle any trend! Whether you’re using loose or pressed eyeshadow – application is sure to be effortless with this all-rounder: the professional Eye Shadow Brush by CATRICE. With fine and rounded synthetic bristles, this brush is perfect for fading out your eyeshadow or for blending several colors. Comes with a practical, re-sealable cover." It's so easy to apply eyeshadows whit this brush, i just can stop doing it ^ ^ It is falted /not falt, but still/, witch again comes very handy - depending on what look you are going for ^ ^ It comes in a package - and it's super easy to get it out/in of it ^ ^
Gel Eyeliner Brush "Two ends, one goal: professional eye make-up. The innovative Gel Eye Liner Brush helps you create fine, accurate eyelines as well as dramatic looks – depending on whether you use the end with the fine tip or the end with slanted bristles." Kind-off a "pimp-up version of Essence's gel eyeliner brush. The second end you can use to make small lines/ dotts where you need them ^ ^ It again comes in this super comfy package ^ ^

Essence's My skin

I don't own any of these images We will start whit the "purple part" ^ ^
Refreshing toner "(lychee & blue grape, for all skin types) a refreshment that makes you want more: the refreshing toner purifies and pampers your skin at the same time and awakens your senses with a delicious lychee and blue grape scent. now that you’re feeling refreshed and replenished with moisture, you’re sure to have a perfect start to the day with a breathtaking, radiant complexion! " First of all let me tell you, that it smell is wonderful ^ ^ I apply it only on mornings, because it is already 1/6 empty and i have no idea when i will be able to get a new one ^ ^ I appl it whit a cotton tampon all over my face after i have wahsed my face. On top i use the cream
Mattifying cream "a perfect, matt complexion? all day long? not a problem with the right beauty product! the new oil-free mattifying cream with a 12h matt-effect gives your skin a smooth, matt complexion and provides plenty of moisture at the same time! lychee and blue grape turn application into a unique pampering experience. and thanks to the UVA/UVB filters, this is an ideal cream for everyday skin care. " My skin is naturaly very matty, so i really can make a difference on that, but i do feel my skin softer. And i use it only in mornings too ^ ^ Next we will see the "pink" ones ^ ^
Intensively caring cream "(pomegranate & bamboo water / dry skin) put a stop to dry skin! now it’s time for intensive care with essence my skin! the new, nurturing face cream gives thirsty skin 24 hours of intensive moisture to restore its elasticity and energy. pomegranate and bamboo provide your skin with important nutrients and protect it from drying out. to ensure a carefree start to the day, the cream is additionally enriched with UVA/UVB filters that protect your skin from external influences! intensively pampered skin without an oily film - for a velvety, soft and radiant complexion!" And if after that you put on this cream, your face will feel perfect ^ ^ You can evan feel the moistur , when you touch your face ^ ^ And again the smell is wonderful and it just feels you up whit energy ^ ^ And so we move on
Soft cleansing gel "(lime & cucumber, for all skin types) with my skin, the indulgent pampering program for your skin already starts with the cleansing. deep-cleansing yet super gentle to your skin: the soft cleansing gel thoroughly frees your skin of dirt and make-up. lime and cucumber extracts don’t just provide your skin with intensive moisture, they also put you in a great mood thanks to their delicious and fresh scent. suitable for all skin types." The first My skin product i used. When i was in germany, because of all the wood and stuff thousunds of little pimplse invated my face. After a 3 days usage of this gel /in a combo whit the cream/, my face was as a baby but ^ ^ You use it like a regular gel - aplly on a wet face, massage and wash-off. The apply the cream
Moisturizing cream-gel "the scent alone already manages to convey a sense of freshness and care! the moisturizing cream-gel texture is absorbed quickly and offers your skin 24h of intensive moisture while protecting it from damaging environmental influences with UVA and UVB filters. enriched with lime and cucumber ingredients to ensure a radiant complexion, this cream-gel also contains light-reflecting pigments for a subtle glow. " Yes, yes and yes, the smell is very refreshing, almoust as the way that the cream gently get's in your skin ^ ^
Deeply moisturizing paper mask "time to take a deep breath – not just for your skin! the pre-treated, extremely moisturizing paper face mask is super easy to use and calms down stressed skin in a flash! enriched with cucumber extracts, it provides your skin with moisture and makes it feel wonderfully soft and smooth. " I'm gonna kill myself for bying only two of these ... I've used only one ^ ^ It's like beeing in a mini-spa, after you have finished, your face will fell like heaven ^ ^

Review: Essence's handcreams and lotions

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about Essences range for hand care. As some of you might remember i have much problems whit my hands /cold alregues, i have it 12 mounts, not only during winter/ and i have tryed many differend hand creams and lotions and these are just perfect. The only other cream that helps me is 28 leva /depents on the brand - 28 euro or 14 euro/ nad this are around 1.00 - 1.50 euro /around 2-3 leva, but we don't have them in my country ^ ^ Anywasys here there are
12h hand protection balm "this 12h protection balm offers the ultimate pampering care. the repair formula with a combination of shea butter and coconut oil provides intense moisture for stressed and extremely dry hands. when there isn't enough room in your handbag for a complete intensive care range, the 12h formula provides enough moisture and care to protect your hands from drying!" For me, it's not 12 hours, but about 4 hours, witch is great. I'm not shure is it because of the cream or my hands /i think it's my hands, but i can't be shure/.The smell is deacent.
24h hand moisture balm "this 24h hand moisture balm provides non-stop hydration for your hands. the formula with yoghurt and green tea smoothens and regenerates dry skin immediately. 24 h moisturing effect. is absorbed quickly without leaving an oily film." Here i can really feel my hands moisturised ^ ^ It makes a great pakage whit the mousturasing face cream,gel and mask by the way. The mines side - the smell. It took me some time to get used to it... if the smell can be chaged - it will be perfect !
2-in-1 hand & nail balm "our 2-in-1 hand & nail balm with yoghurt extracts and calcium, pampers stressed hands and looks after your nails and cuticles too! the moisturizer soaks in quickly, leaving your hands and nails looking beautiful and soft to touch." I really like this product.You can feel the differnce emidiatly ! My cuticles always look better afetr aplying the cream on my hands. The smell is pretty good, if not maby the best of the regilar range of essence creams. The last cream /lotion/ i snot on the site for some reason It's this one * sorry for the bad quality, but it's the best i could find on the internet *
Hydra balance hand lotion "a hydra balance hand lotin whit lemongrass for light care, that provides youe hands whit pure moisture without leaving an oily residue. With vitamins a and e and pro-vitamin b5 for soft and sipple hands. This handlotion refreshes and revives your hands and is quickly absober" A very, very refreshing lotioon, espeashly in the summer heat / In my country it's 40 degrees C at the moment /. Again the minus site is the smell - to ,me it smells a bit like medicine + a turjish tooner /this turkish tonner is a speacial ligut that when you're not feeling weel, you can just put some in your hands, and the smell will get you going up again, it's very refreshing/ All the products leave your hands extremly soft , they all aborve into theskin very fast and most importantly for me 0- they help my alergies ^ ^ If you are some of those lucky people, that have them in your country - i recoment you to try them, you won't be sorry ^ ^

Review: Essence's Soft touch mousse make up

This is one of the first products i tryed and both from essence. First time i saw it from a friend of mine / whom i met in France by acidenty, we were both on two differend excurshanos, but in the same time at the exact sam places ^ ^ / so in her room the hotel i saw she both this little thing, that looked like a mono eyeshadow ^ ^ / yes i both one the next day ^ ^/ . I tryed it from her to see if it was any good - YES it is ^ ^ It makes your skin really soft and hides everythig. But i don't like putting it all over my face. I just put it on top of a pimple,when i get one, if i have balck circles around my eyes -it hides them very well by the way - and under my eyebrowa, beacuse they are really close down to my eyes and in that way i highlight them and make it seem like they are higher ^ ^ Bu t that's just me /i wanna save it ^ ^ WHo knows if i will have money to bye it when it's over. I may have to save and it will take me 3 days whitout anything ^ ^/ My frindon the other hand uses it all over her face and neck. The strange thing is, that now after maby around almoust 2 years of use her skin becaume naturaly soffter and prettyer ^ ^

Review:Essence's hand care gloves

"The cotton nail & hand care gloves are just the right thing when your hands need some time off. after applying essence hand and nail care products, simply pull them on and relax overnight. the gloves make the care effect even more intensive and your hands will look young and pampered again the next morning! now rough, chapped hands are a thing of the past!" I like them ^ ^ It says everything - you just put them over night ^ ^ Beofre I put them i put on a LOT of hand cream an nail oil, i put the gloves and go to sleeep. At the morning when i take off my gloves, there is no trace of cream or oil and my hands are smooter than ever ^ ^ I also have cold alrgyes and this defenatly helps out ^ ^

Essence's Long lasting foundation review ^ ^ "this long-lasting make-up ensures a smooth and silky complexion all day long. the delicate texture allows a simple and even application. the foundation comes with a pump dispenser for perfect dosage so you can create an indescribably beautiful look. available in different shades. " First i fell in love whit the bottle and the pump dispenser. That's a whole lot cleaner, than in a tube / you may squzethe tube too much for instanse / It realy depents on what kind of foundations you prefer. If you need one that you can really see and say "wow that girls has absolutly flaless skin, ow wait why dosen't she have a single frackle or moll /little one ^ ^ " ? I hope you got the idea. It really makes like this almoust unvisable layer on top of your face. You can still se the fracles and molls / samll ones ^ ^ /, but all the red, blue / if you are hurt / and other "great" colours from your ace aren't there anymore. You realy can't tell you have anything on you. But when in direct sunlight your face is a bit sparklly, witch is very cute if you ask me. It's perfect for an urban surounding, beacuse the gasses from the cras and all that stuff can really damage your skin. Foundation will help keep it save / it realydepents on how much you put though ^ ^ / And this one evan smells nice ^ ^ and it's easy to remove whit warm water ^ ^

Want strong, fast growing nails ?

"The ultimate power pack: the ultra strong growth activator encourages nail growth with valuable ingredients and also helps to prevent chipped, torn and brittle nails." I have to say this is the best "helping" nailpolsih about growing nails i have ever tryed and i have tryes a LOT, believe me ^ ^ At first it has a little strange smell, not bad, but strange... It will go away after you paint your nails. It is in a little yellowish colour, but on your nails it's transper ^ ^ It also makes your nails harder, you will feel the differns in less than a week. I recoment t to everyone who have problems whit short nails ^ ^