Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunny's tips : Are you a winter, summer, autumn ot spring ?

/ I hope someone will read it ^ ^ / You may know, that these are the four categoryes that we belong to. Every category has colours - these colours sill be the one that will look the best on you ^ ^ So, let's start ^ ^ /images from google/ Spring
- Light skin colour - Rose/apricote coloured cheeks / mainly.. there are exaehsans / - May have frackles - Light hair - from blond, light brown to honey - Light blue, light green, greeny-blue,green, gold-brown and light brown eyes - Eyebrows and eyelashes are in light or brown colour - Often they don't get tenned - they get sun burned ^ ^ Make-up for "Spring" The Spring Woman has a fresh, natural, elegan look. The colours she has to use are warm Make-up - light tones, whit a sinch of shimary and apricote blush/rose blush. If they get icon_redface.gif very often - they should use more brownish colours Powder - in yellow - begie Lip stick/ lip pencil - in warm colours - like pink, coral... Eyeshadow - gold, yellow, honey, apricot, blue / turquas / Eyebrow pencil - begie will be best Mascara - in the day - dark brown will look great on you Eye pencil/eyeliner - in smooth green, turquaz or brown - that will define your eyesIt will be best if you use the same colour as your eye colour. Nail colour - it will be great if it is simmilar to the lip stick's colour ^ ^ Colors that suits best for clothes,make-up...... - brown - beige - yellow - white - gold - orange - red - pink - blue - green What NOt to put - Purple ^ ^ Summer
The summer girls have a lot of differences between them. - Light skin, whit a bit og grey highlights - May have frackles - They'r cheeks don't stand out whit a differend colour - They'r hair has a little grey higlith and its from blonde to brown - The't eyes are blue,green,greenesly-grey,breon - The white part of the eys is blurry Make-up for "Summer" The best season for smokey eyes ^ ^ Mainlu dull colours Make-up - in beige or pinky-beige Blush - in cold pink, or smudgy,fark,almoust invisbale red.The blush has to be very descreet Powder - in pinky-beige Lipstick/lip pencil - cold pink/dark red /not neon !/, dark pink Eyeshadow - silver,grey,violet,grey-brown,grey-blue, grey-purple,cold mint Eyebrow pen - mainly in brown, very discreet Mascara - black will be best, also dark blue and dark green Eyepencil/liner - in grey,blue Nail polish - to look good whit the lipstick ^ ^ Colour, taht look great on you /clothes,make-up.../ - beige - yellow - white - silver - grey - pink - red - purple - blue - green What NOT to wear - gold - brown Autumn
They evan look good whiout make-up and have very matted skin ^ ^ - Light eyes - brown,green , grey,blue - Ligh brown,dark blond, red, orange hair - Perfectly matty skin - Naturaly red cheeks - When exposed to sun - get a perfect ten - Naturaly have darker skin Make-up for "Autumn" Make-up - just a bit, to bring out the eyes - broznse to beige colours Blush - in orange for lighter skin colour and in dark red for darker skins Powder - yellowishly- brownishly-beige Lipstick/lippencil - gold/brown or domato red Eyeshadows - Gold, ohra, bronz, honey, green,beige, dark brown Eyebrow pencil - disgreet brown Mascara - Black, dark brown too Eyepencil/liner - turqua,brown and dull green Nail coplour - beige, neon colour are not for you What colours you have to wear ? - beige - brown - yellow - gold - white - grey - red- orange - purple - green What Not to wera - silver - pink - blue Winter
These girls have a greta contrast, just like Snow White ^ ^ - Light skin - Dark hair - mainly black - Dark eyes - may be lighter, but are deep / / - Dosen't get tanned fast - Natural red cheeks Make up for "Winter" Make-up - light, beige Blush - the same as the lipstick Powder - natural beuge Lipstick/liner - blueberry, cold brown and dull pink Eyeshadows - silver, dull pink,light grey,dark green,dark purple,violet dark blue Eyebrow pencil - as the hair - dark brown or balack Mascara - black all the way Eyepencil/liner - dark colour, mostly black Nail color - light colours, dark dull ones toobrown What colours to wear ? - beige - only make-up - yellow - silver - white - black - grey - red - pink - purple - blue - green What Not to wera - beige / exept make-up / - gold - orange

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