Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bioten face scrub review

I missed another Friday, I know.... I'm gonna make it up to you somehow, promise ^^
So I've already talked about Biotena and theyr body lotion, witch I still use daily, one of theyr new products is the scrub cream
It's smells like vanilla to me : )
Whit it I have no such problems like whit the foam cream from Nivea - it gets rid of the small imperfections, smells amazing, makes my skin softer and my tan gets more even !
It has a cream like structure and small vanilla (I think) parts, like small dots.
I have luck, so my skin isn't sensitive, so I use it twice a day - in the morning and before going to bet, but if you have normal skin - use it one a day and if you have sensitive skin I would recommend not using scrubs, try the gel one Bioten has fro sensitive skin, it smell amazing and the results are also great : )
Cost:  5.19lv
Where to find: Most drugstores and big hypermarkets

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Adidas shower gels updated review

So as some of you may remember I made review of one theyr shoвer gels in late 2011 -
Since then, they changed theyr style and have some new products ! So I would say it's time for an update ^^
Now, I have 4 shower gels in my draw - 3 of them are from Adidas and one is from Nivea (for shaving)I have the one I wrote about (but in it's new package) and it's almost over : (
pic from the Adidas site
They actually have really nice fragrance descriptions on the site, and agree on a 100% whit them
"A wrapping floral fruity fragrance where passion fruit and grapefruit notes are married to floral white notes on a delicate dry down of comfortable vanilla and milky accord."
Can you imagine how that feels on your skin ?

I also have this one, witch is currently half-way finished
pic from the Adidas site
"An original cocktail of exotic fruits twisted with a transparent watery accord and refreshing icy mint facet on a creamy peach and musky base."
This is perfect for the summer or after a work-out and even if you want ti get a fresh start in the morning, it really gives you this nice, minty-cool exotic feeling that is just amazing !

My newest one is this
pic from the Adidas site
"Adidas SHAPE shower cream offers a pleasant fragrance and helps improve the texture of women’s skin. Thanks to aromachology (active cosmetic properties together with a lightly-scented fragrance), Adidas Shape offers a new, double-action technology.
Uuse it daily as a first step to help firm your skin!
 All formulas contain an innovative hydrating formula that gently cleanses while helping to maintain the skin’s natural balance.
a fresh top note leads to a stimulating fruit cocktail accented by spicy nuances of pepper. The floral heart of rose and jasmine brings a touch of femininity while the gentle dry down brings comfort & softness."
This is part of the new line they have (and the only one we have from it right now here in Bulgaria).
I actually got it because I liked the smell and I love all of theyr shower gels, not for the shaping effect. I haven't used it that much, but it again leaves your skin feeling flawless and soft and just amazing ! As far as the "body shape" effects - I don't think I'll be the best person for that, because I've been doing dancing and sports all my life, and I'm in my early 20es, so my body shape around the places where it should help and my skin are in good shape already.

I've also had this one, witch was a gift
pic from the Adidas site
"A bright and joyful blend of lemon and tangerine notes, enhanced with fresh white floral heart notes and enveloping sandalwood and vanilla dry down."
I'm always happy, positive and outgoing, I'm also a suckers for fruity smells, so one would thing this is perfect for me, but nope. The shower gel itself is great, but I don't like the smell that much, which is strange, because just by reading what's inside... wow, but..... It's strange I know, but if you like the smell - the shower gel is great !

In other words I'm really happy whit these shower gels, I still haven't found a downside for them, ather than the fact that at one point they are over and I have to buy a new one :D

Where to get: Any cosmetic store/hypermarket
Price: around 4-5 lev, и понеже виждам,че има много посещения от България напоследък - в момента са намалени на 3,00 (~2,90)лв във всички магазини на DM

Nivea Cleaning mousse Review

Sorry I missed a post or two, but I've been really busy whit some projects, now I'm gonna make-up for the lost posts, starting whit a review of the Nivea's cleaning mouse (foam)
whit my desktop background - my cat ^^

As you can see from the picture, mine is around 60% used, so I think that by now I have an opinion about it.
The product itself has pump, and actually when pump, it doesn't give you gel, but foam !
One pump
Two pumps
I usually use two pumps, the texture is really nice and feels amazing, when you apply it to your face. The smell is the typical Nivea cream sent, that we are all familiar whit and love.
The effect of the mouse ? - I don see or feel any difference, and I'm more than half done whit my bottle, using it it twice a day, I would thing it would be enough to detect a difference, I can only smell the Nivea sent. Small imperfections that usually go away, when I wash my face whit a product are still there. I don''t really like it and I', not planing to get a new one.
Where to buy : In every cosmetic/hypermarket store
Price: Around 7 Lev

And tomorrow is our national holiday here in Bulgaria, so I made a mani to go whit that
Our flag is white - for the freedom, green for the nature and red for the blood we had to spill
The timing to find out that my red and green polishes are over wasn't the best, but these still work
White - Catrice's number 470 Snow Motion - witch is this really beautiful white, this is my best white polish, it just looks amazing in real life!
Green (-ish) - Rimmel's number 045 Misty jade - really nice minty colour, witch sadly is like 3 nails done (I can only use it for small things now, because it has enough polish for about 3 nails left)
Red (redish-pinkish) - Essence's number 02 Princessorize - from the Crazy Times TE, witch has this glittering effect on it
Sadly Catrice changed theyr nail polish lines, so trey don't have this one anymore, but they are changing it as we speak, so you still may be able to get one, it will even be - 50%
Rimmel changed they nail polish line and don't have this one anymore, they have a similar one, but I liked the old one more
Essence's one was part of a TE, so you can't find it anymore