Sunday, February 19, 2012

Garnier Fructis Pure and Shine review

I have long, full hair so my shampoo and conditioner are over for a month /and if I use only shampoo - there is no way I can brush my hair/. Some time ago I learned, that washing your hair whit the same product isn't good, because your hair will get used to it, that's why it's recommended that you change your shampoo /conditioner /mask each time /you can repeat them of course/. SO the other day I went to my local drug store /DM/ and saw these new line by Garnier

I haven't used Garnier Fructis for a while and when I saw these I was immediately attracted,not only because they were on a promotion /3.99 each/, but also because of this:
the shampoo


Yes, they have a biodegradable formula, no colours, parapens or silicone witch is not only great for your hair, but also for the nature - I love the fact that it has a really light formula, whit out any of that stuff.

When I buy new hair washing products I always do my test on them :D
Before I go to wash my hair, I spray it whit hairspray/super strong,not so strong.../ and put every kind of hair product you can thing of, after that I wait a bit, so it will be "in" my hair and then go to see how easy will it wash off. I must say it did a pretty amazing job. And as strange as it sounds,I felt my hair lighter for the first may be 48 hours or so. It has the smell that most of the shampoos/conditioners from the series have. For now I've used it only once, so I can't really tell about the hair being more healthy or something.
I do like most of Garnier's products and this is defiantly on my "like list" - It does it's job great, it's light formula is not only great for the hair, but also for the nature, what more could you want ?

p.s. I now how 17 followers, I know it's not much for most of you, but for me it means a lot - thank you

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