Friday, February 15, 2013

Catrice's Glamour Doll mascara + nail polish review

Hey girls, how has the weather been where you are ? Here in Bulgaria it rained yesterday for the whole day and today was so sunny and warm... I felt like it was spring already !
View from my balcony : )
I managed to get my hands on some money and went on a small shopping spree, I got high-waisted denim shorts (only 25lv, on sale from 50lv, woohooo), The Glamour Doll mascara from Catrice, witch I waned to try one polish, because theyr whole range of nail polishes are on a -50% sale, because they are updating them and the transparent matting powder from Essence,witch was again on a -50% sale, some food and my money was gone -.- I'm hoping to get a change to go again, before they replace everything, because they have some awesome stuff, that's going to be no more : (

Let's start whit the mascara, you may have noticed that I am a huge lash freak, so when i saw on the Internet page of Catrice ( this new "Glamour Doll" mascara, I just had to have it !
On the site it says
"Doll Eyes are dominating the international catwalks– this calls for our specially developed elastomer brush. Why? Simple: it captures a lot of the creamy mascara texture, spreads it well and covers each individual lash without weighing it down. The result: extra volume, length and density. That’s how to get huge doll eyes! Opthalmologically tested. "

Do I like it - yes, do I agree on a 100% whit the description above - no
The wand is great, kind-of like the definition one Maybelline use to have - it can bend.
My "problem" whit it, if I can even call it a problem, is that it doesn't give me volume, but my lashes are naturally very volume-y,so it doesn't matter : )
It gives you lashes a "false lash"effect, makes your lashes look thicker, like plastic,but in a good way, they are still flexible, but have this shine. (I should really save up for a new camera)

Where to buy: Places where they sell Catrice in your area
Cost: 8.19lv

And this is the polish
510 Bye, Bye Birdy!
Please, avoid the fact that I still haven't cleaned around my nails :D
Natural sunlight

As I've said before - it's really easy to apply, on the pic above it has only one coat on ! That's right, only one : )
Where to buy: From places that sell Catrice in your area
Cost: Now they are getting rid of them, so: 2.55lv

What kind of polishes do you prefer - shiny or matte ? I prefer matte, but it's really hard to find any matted polishes : ( Any ideas ?

Friday, February 8, 2013

DM's hair complex review (das gesunde plus)

How was your week ? Here today got very windy -.-
I have some problems n my knee and all the vitamins and stuff go there (organism reflex) and I get pimples, my nails are weaker and my hair lost all it's heath, so I had to do something and I got this baby
It's from DM's own brand "Das gesunde plus" and it's a complex of vitamins for the hair (and nails). It has 60 capsuls and 1 capsul
includes - 1.4mg vitamin B1
              -  4.6mg    B2
              -  2.0mg    B6
              -  1.0mg    b12
and a few more, witch I can't read from the Bulgarian label and I have no idea what it means in German. You have to take one per day - I take mine around 10:00 in the evening and it has no taste.
I have only about 10 left and the situation is getting better and better (whit my hair and nails). In combo whit the things from my previous post my hair got it's healthy shine back, no more split ends (have in mind that I did cut my hair, but since than it's been OK ). So I must say that it only did good to me, if you have similar problems and have a DM store in your city - what are you waiting for ?

Where to buy - At all DM stores
Cost - around 6 lev /  6 euro or 3 euro, I'm not really sure if they change the prices :D

Friday, February 1, 2013

Syoss Oleo Intense (S + C) review

I know I said I'll see you girls next Friday, but .... you can't blame me : )
So for some time now we had the SYOSS hair products in my country, but my friends didn't like any of the products ,so I've never tried them... well that was until a month and a half ago, when I was looking for a new shampoo for my damaged hair (because of my knee, all the vitamins are going there and my hair was a mess, I had to cut over 20cm from it : ( and I get brake outs on my face and it's just awful... can't wait for it to be over) and I saw they were on a promo prise and though "what the heck, let's give it a try" - best decision I ever made !
They had pumps, beside the caps, so I just put the pumps on and threw away the caps :D
First of all can you imagine I've been using these since the middle of December, that I wash my hair two times a week and they are still this full ? I'm not joking, I just took this pic - yes, they are that good and economical.
When having the longer hair I needed 8 pumps, now I need 6 pumps of each - the pump is very economic by the way - and the shampoo itself makes a lot of foam. They smell really nice,I can't describe it .. may be citrus or something like that ? I'm bad at explaining smells, so you'll have to excuse me :D
They are thermo activated, that means they are perfect for the winter, because you can wash your hair in  the morning, dry it (they don't only protect your hair from the heat, they actually start worring when the hair is heated !) and go out ! I personally blow-dry my hair, because otherwise it gets everywhere and curls and stuff like that.
Where to get:  In most big stores, cosmetic stores, pharmacies ..
Cost: They were on a promotion, so they cost 5.39 lv. each, I think they are around 7.00lv, normally (you can already convert that in euro, right ?)

So don't believe everything that your friends say about different products, because people have different type of hair,skin and tastes : )

Catrice Allround Concearler review

Today I saw my blog and seeing it so ... empty, made me realize that I've totally forgot about it !
So I'm having a new schedule for uploading - every Friday ^ ^

We finally have a store in my city that sells Catrice (yeah) and of course, according  to Murphy's Laws I have to be broke at this time -.- Anyways I managed to buy a white eye pencil (I think I have a review of it somewhere around here) and the Allround Concealer

* picture taken from the Catrice homepage *
I tried taking swatches, but it didn't work out, because of the quality of my camera - for witch I am sorry. As it says on the back of the box
Beige - covers imperfections Pink - conceals black circles and Green - neutralises redness
In mine, the first one is the green one - I have some redness around my nostrils, in the outer corner of my eyes, and right now due to lack of vitims - pimples and to be honest I do see a difference
Than we have the pink one - under my eyes - definitely a difference there
I use the dark beige for the lower tip of my nose, because it point down (if you can understand me) to make it look normal and on both sides of the nose a lill' bit to make it thinner
The middle beige is my colour, so I use it to correct imperfections  and I use the lightest one under my brows and on the tip of my nose for contours : )
I must say that I once again wasn't disappointed and I'm happy whit it, although I've never actually had any concealer before, but still :D
Where to get - all stores that sell Essence, it's part of the regular range
Cost - 7.19 lv (as I've said before 7.19 euro or 3.60 euro, as I'm not sure if they turn the prices)

See ya next Friday, have a great full of smiles weekend : )