Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nail expert for short nails by MissSporty preview

So since my fave fast growing nail polish by Essence is discontinued /and we didn't have it in my country/ I had to find myself a new one. I've tried a cople - by maybelline, Perfect,S-he, Selene ...., but I'm most satisfied whit the one from Miss Sporty

I've been using it for mount now and I can say it's really good.
It doesn't have any colour, only gloss
Has a normal smell for a nail polish
It really helps my nails grow faster
And be more strong
By the nail my nail are more even on the survice : )
Sadly I have to still cut them really short /because of the cold alrgies they grow in the other direction, because my fingers are swollen/, but soon I won't have to do that and now I can bee sure that when my nails go from cuticles to the end of the nail they will be strong.
Looks like more people are begining to discover Miss Sporty, because today I had some money so i went to the store to get a nail polish from this brand for a friend and the stand was cleaned out. I was there yesturday and it was super full. I asked what happened and they told me that a big group of girls from Greece come in the store and both have of it o.0 I know that for them here most of the stuff are cheaper, but the store looked so ..... naked ? I went to the other store and they didn't have it again beacuse a group of girls, but from France/at least this one wasn't half empty/.... today I just have no luck ^ ^

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Garnier Fructis Pure and Shine review

I have long, full hair so my shampoo and conditioner are over for a month /and if I use only shampoo - there is no way I can brush my hair/. Some time ago I learned, that washing your hair whit the same product isn't good, because your hair will get used to it, that's why it's recommended that you change your shampoo /conditioner /mask each time /you can repeat them of course/. SO the other day I went to my local drug store /DM/ and saw these new line by Garnier

I haven't used Garnier Fructis for a while and when I saw these I was immediately attracted,not only because they were on a promotion /3.99 each/, but also because of this:
the shampoo


Yes, they have a biodegradable formula, no colours, parapens or silicone witch is not only great for your hair, but also for the nature - I love the fact that it has a really light formula, whit out any of that stuff.

When I buy new hair washing products I always do my test on them :D
Before I go to wash my hair, I spray it whit hairspray/super strong,not so strong.../ and put every kind of hair product you can thing of, after that I wait a bit, so it will be "in" my hair and then go to see how easy will it wash off. I must say it did a pretty amazing job. And as strange as it sounds,I felt my hair lighter for the first may be 48 hours or so. It has the smell that most of the shampoos/conditioners from the series have. For now I've used it only once, so I can't really tell about the hair being more healthy or something.
I do like most of Garnier's products and this is defiantly on my "like list" - It does it's job great, it's light formula is not only great for the hair, but also for the nature, what more could you want ?

p.s. I now how 17 followers, I know it's not much for most of you, but for me it means a lot - thank you

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crazy Good Times by Essence

May be you've noticed, but I am a big fan of the brand "Essence", well they had a giveaway over on twitter / / and I was on of the lucky winners who got try some products from the TE "Crazy Good Times". Having in mind that we don't get any TE here I was super exited and today when I come home - the package was here !
SO these are the goodies I got

I must say I am more than happy whit everything ! Let's see all the items one by one : )
Let's start whit the nail polishes - I got two - a black and pink glitter polishes

/right now I don't have nails, so I coloured aritifishal ones, both whit only 1 coat/
I loved them ! They both got these big glitters, not small pices, big ones that look great ! The pink ones reminds me of strawberries for some reason ^ ^ As all of the other polishes by Essence that I've tried - it takes only one coat, doesn't try slow and looks great ! Btw - also tried - they work for water marble too !

As I said, sadly right now I have no nail /too short/, so this is going to wait a little bit. If you don't know what this is - you just puti it no top of your nail and you have a fantastic manicure in no time and this one is speacil, why ? Because first you have to apply a coat of " your fave" nail polish and then put this on top, it's supose to have a 3D effect. Can't wait to try it /stupid cold allregy -.-/

The face and body glitter stick
I love it <3 I do have thing for glitter and this is just so good, you just go over the part that you want to "glitter-up" and it's there, it doesn't fall, it's not sticky and it smell super yammy and delicious and it's just super, OK ^ ^ It's small so you can carry it around in your bag, it will be over in ... well a lot, because it doesn't put a lot of products on you, it's just perfect in any way, I really can't find a down site of it : ) And for the false lashes /i love eyelashes, so you can imagine how exited I was/ On the back it says to start applying them from the middle, but if you ask me it's better to start in the outter corner, that way you will be sure to give yourself a more natural look.

Before I start, I just want to say, that the lashes look like that, because I didn't first colour my lash line, a person's lashes are on several roads, not only one and mine are well a bit more and if i out on lashes or pencil,shadow,even mascara it looks strange because of that

So now, that this has been cleared, let's start whit number 04 Candyction - they are these half lashes, only for the outer part, they have a little greenish colour at some points /and if you apply your mascara after you've put on your lashes, not like me before it, then just take your want from the roots to the outer corner , so it will follow the flow of the fake lashes ; ) It won't look so strange, believe me ^ ^/

Number 05 Colourbration - they are these super full, super cool lashes that are also full of colour - black, green and blue

And last, but not least Number 06 Confetteria - long, whit little sprakle : )

False Lashes - I love all of them ! Remember that you have to put your mascara AFTER you've applied the lashes, not like me in this case /I just wanted to see how they look and didn't want to put mascara on them/ to blend in your lashes whit the fake ones. I also love the new Essence glue /i have the "party lashes" and the glue was good, but the container wasn't/ and on top of that it's want is flat, so it's easier to apply the glue on the lashes and it has this fun blueish colour, witch makes it more fun if you ask me ^ ^ I prommise that I'll do a look whit the lashes and you'll see how they really look on the eye, soon ^ ^

I love every single product i recieved and I am extremly happy that I was one of the winners, thank you Essence <3

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In a Hurry make-up - Part 1

I'm sure all of you have been in this scenery - you have to be out in 10 minutes to go to a club/official dinner/cocktail or some where else, and the place requaerce /never could spell that, sorry/ a little more make-up than usual. For a few days I'll be posting a cople of ideas from witch you can get insipired in a hurry : )
So this actually happened to me a few days ago - I had a cocktail I had to go to,and when I was getting ready I lost track of time /curs you Disney Chanel :D/ and I had 10 min to do my make-up and hair, the hair took me around 3 minutes - I have a device that can help you make a perfect bun in a no time /I should make a review of it !/ and most of the time whened to put my bangs up ^ ^ For the eyes I did a fast two-coloured smokey eye - black and green. I've used only two pencils/the black from Essence, the green from Oriflame, a blending brush/from Essence and a mascara/honestly I don't remember witch one I grabbed/
/sorry, you can't see the green very well... the picture is bad, but I was in a hurry/

You take the black pencil and draw a line under your lower lashes and above your upper lashes, it dosen't have to be perfect, you'll smudge it anyway ^ ^ The you smudge it whit your blending brush, then add more black pencil only at the outer corner of the eye /on the picture you see the black only for some strange reason/ and smudge again. Then take your green pencil and apply it all over your lid, but only on the inner half and a bit more /where you don't have black/ and smudge, apply mascara and go ^ ^
I was done whit both eyes for under one song time /around 3.50-4:00 minutes/ and even had time to put some lip gloss and because my eyes have more heavy make-up and therefore are the center of attention - my lips where nude. This is a really important thing - always go for the eyes or the lips, never accent on both of them, same goes if you want to expose some skin - legs, or brests

p.s. I am currently trying to get a great camera from a friend of mine for a few days and if it works out, belive me I'll take a lot of pics for a lot of reviews and looks ^ ^ I just can't show the things I want, because my Canon is a bit old and can't take decent pictures whit details ^ ^

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY: Maneken

Hey for the 3rd time today /I'm on a roll ^ ^/. If you've seen my "easy one sleeve blouse for beginers" post, then you know I love to sew my own clothes and make my own accesoaries. But there comes a time, when I can't do anything speacil in the back, because I don't own a maneken, because the cheapest one is 300 leva. When I saw this I just said "Pff, I'll make my own !" and that how Frankenani /my real name is Angelina, there for Franken Ani/ was born ^ ^ Here is how it looks like:/I'm sorry I forgot to move my textbooks from the shot *emebressed*/

And whit my last project, witch still isn't finished, as you can clearly see. /ps - the belt is Tally Weijl/

It's super easy to make and super fast and best of all - free. I made my myself, but I can bend my hands really well, so you may need a little help for the back. /It's going to be whit your own size, what more could you want ? /
What will you need ?
- An old blouse, that you won't wear anymore and are willing to destroy / or you can use a huge plastic bag, that covers your tours/
- Some kind of a strong tape /I've used the tape that's used to fix sinks and stuff/
- Old pieces of clothes, old projects any thing like this that you don't need.
- Hanger /optional, if you want to hang it from somewhere/

How to do it ?
- You put on the blouse/bag, you take the tape and roll it around you. It's best do start under the breasts and finish whit your neck /be careful not to make too tight on the neck !!! You can make it as big as you want - you can stop at your bellybutton, your waist, t=your butt, your legs.... I've made mine to the point of low waisted pants. Here you may need some help whit the back. Just wrapped it really good and tight.
- After that ask someone /or do it yourself if you can twist your arms like me/ to cut it in the middle of the back all the way from the neck down to the waist, cutting the blouse whit the tape of course.
- Carefaly take it of and using the tape tape the back together again.
- Put tape underneed the whole thing, then start filling it from the top whit the scraps. Hen you reach the top, put a hnager /optional/, put tape on both sites where the arms are fill it to the top of the neck and tape in again and... that's it ^ ^

By the way - it will end up a lill' bit bigger than you, have that in mind ^ ^

The big mascaras review ^ ^

Ok, os this is the big Mascara topic, we are going to talk about 8 differend mascaras and talk about the right way to put it on.
These are the mascaras I currently own:

First we are going to see the mascaras, and then we are going to talk about the right ways to apply a mascara ^ ^ The first picture is the mascara, the second one is the wand and the last one - how it stays on the eye. In all of the photos I've got only one coat of mascara on, whit out any twisting, turning,shaking or whatever... I wasn't even that preciced, like if you are in a hurry ... Hope you get the idea ^ ^

It has a small wand/brush witch very comfortable, because you can get to every little single lash.
I'm really sad it's discontinued, because it really was very good. It doesn't smudge and is super easy to remove, but in the same time stays on your lashes for a super long time. If you see it in your beauty shop, i would recommend buying it ^ ^

This was /because it's discontinued a long time ago/ my fave essence mascara. The brush looks like a small comb, so it "brushes thru" every lash ^ ^

I actually got this mascara as a gift from oriflame, when I used to sell it. Wjen i looked at the brush, it wasn't amazid, but it turned out great ^ ^

This is the only waterproof mascara i have at the moment, to be hones I don't like it - it's not waterproof and it makes my lashes appear shorter and fewer then they are normally...

Here in Bulgaria we don't have decorative cosmetics from Nivea, so I was very happy when the sweet Natalie sended this to me for my birthday in the summer. I love it, and I'mstill wondering why don't we have it here ...

Again - small brush, easy to get too, the curved wand make it easer to get to the rooths of the lashes, it has a bit of a strange smell.

One of my top 3 mascaras, I know it doesn't look much in the picture, but it's amazing in real liffe ^ ^

My fave mascara of all time ! I love it ! It normally cost 28 leva, but from time to time MAxFactor makes promotion and sell them on a special price - the difference is the colour of the packaging - first it was purple, then pink and now as you can see - gold /i had all of them btw/ and they cost only 12.90 leva, wotch is a lot lot cheaper. Around christmas I had a bit more money, so I even got 2, not that I don't have enough mascaras all ready ... It's pigmented, it has an amazing brush, it's just perfect ^ ^

Now, when I see the pictures I see that the pictures look very alike, believe me in real life they all look complitly differenr, I hope you can still see the differences.

SO now let's talk about the right way to pun on a mascara
1. Yous hould always start whit your lower lashes, if you start whit the upper ones when you look up to apply the mascara on the lower lashes, you will leave dots from your upper lashes on your skin under the brow.
2. You should start all the from the roots for a more dramatic effect, if you are going for a more natural look, leave some space.
3. While applying the mascara on your lashes, if you roll the wand uppwords, it will help your lashes separate them self, and if you move it from left to right whit small fast movements, it will help them be longer.
4. Experts say that the perfect lashes should have 4 coats of mascara whit a 30 seconds time between the coats.
5. You should use your mascara for a maximum of 3 months after you've opened it, otherwise it will start shredding and make small black dots on your lashes /like in my case, most of the mascaras I just showed you are opened more than months ago/. This is my biggest mistake I make - i have a lot of mascara, but I continue to buy more and more and the minute I buy them - I have to try them on .... Please don't make my mistakes ^ ^
Hope you've enjoyed this, I', actually suposed to be studying for my folklore exam in Sunday, but this is more helpful ^ ^

Crystalliced highlighter and glitters review

Здравейте ! Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been that active, but it's exam time ^ ^
I don't know about your countries /cities/ but here it's snowing like never before /well at least for 50+ years/ and it's cold - around - 30 every morning, so I finally got the feeling of winter time.
There is this Essence TE called "Crysralliced", sadly we didn't have it here, but a few days ago the sweet,sweet Natalie /her blog by the way is one my fave - / wrote me, that they have it stores, so she asked me if I want something and she was sweet enough to sent them to me. /Here is place to say, that the greek post office does a much better job than ours - i got her for less than 28 hours, and the things I've sent haven't made it yet/
/don't mind the BG, I'm listening to music again/

So the first thing was the liquid highlighter, here the cheapest one I've seen cost around 80 leva, so I really wanted to try one.

First of all I like that it has a pump, it's so much easier. When it comes out it looks light grey and shimmery. When you smudge it it has a grey undertone and shimmer. On the last picture you can see how it reacts on light, it's all over my hand, but you can only see the "bright" side, that's turned to the light. It looks really good on the face, because you use it only on some parts, where you want /for example under the eyes/above the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose,a small part under the brow ... depending on the featers of your face/ I wouldn't say that its for everyday, because of the shimmer, but having in mind that I use make-up mainly, when I go out, or when I go on stage/dancing, talking,hosting or whatever/, it's perfect for me. Besides it's winter and the glitter looks like small snowflakes ^ ^

They are so cute <3 This is shimmery glitter for the body and face /sorry you can't see it very good, my camera sux/ Again I wouldn't say it's for everyday use, but if you use just a little bit, than it's perefct ^ ^ The other trick you can use here is - you take your fave body lotion, you add a bit glitter /not even 1/4 of the whole thing, really just a small part/, then you shake it very,very,very well and you have a glittery body lotion /esepshaly for the summer/ A few years ago I use to do this all the time, when we had body glitter ^ ^

Just wanted to say Thank you again to Natalie, for sending these, THANK YOU <3 <3 <3