Friday, February 1, 2013

Catrice Allround Concearler review

Today I saw my blog and seeing it so ... empty, made me realize that I've totally forgot about it !
So I'm having a new schedule for uploading - every Friday ^ ^

We finally have a store in my city that sells Catrice (yeah) and of course, according  to Murphy's Laws I have to be broke at this time -.- Anyways I managed to buy a white eye pencil (I think I have a review of it somewhere around here) and the Allround Concealer

* picture taken from the Catrice homepage *
I tried taking swatches, but it didn't work out, because of the quality of my camera - for witch I am sorry. As it says on the back of the box
Beige - covers imperfections Pink - conceals black circles and Green - neutralises redness
In mine, the first one is the green one - I have some redness around my nostrils, in the outer corner of my eyes, and right now due to lack of vitims - pimples and to be honest I do see a difference
Than we have the pink one - under my eyes - definitely a difference there
I use the dark beige for the lower tip of my nose, because it point down (if you can understand me) to make it look normal and on both sides of the nose a lill' bit to make it thinner
The middle beige is my colour, so I use it to correct imperfections  and I use the lightest one under my brows and on the tip of my nose for contours : )
I must say that I once again wasn't disappointed and I'm happy whit it, although I've never actually had any concealer before, but still :D
Where to get - all stores that sell Essence, it's part of the regular range
Cost - 7.19 lv (as I've said before 7.19 euro or 3.60 euro, as I'm not sure if they turn the prices)

See ya next Friday, have a great full of smiles weekend : )


  1. I found an online shop that sells Catrice and ships to Greece so I'm very happy to see this review!

  2. That's great, I'm so happy for you !
    They are going to have an up-grade, so they will have a lot of things on a -50% sale : )