Friday, November 18, 2011

Adidas Daily Scrub

Today we are going to talk about my fave shower gel - Daily Scrub by Adidas. The ph id very important if you want to have a nice skin and taking a shower everyday may really influence on the ph of your skin, so if you have to/want to take a shower everyday i recomend using special shower gel - everyday shower gels. My personal favorite is the Daily Scrub by adidas. It look like this:
It's actually a scrub, so it cleans your skin very good, but it's also really soft, you all most can't feel it. It has a very good aroma and it leaves your skin very soft, clean and smelling very fresh. I first tried it about two years ago, while I was still dancing and it really felled great.. I also use the same deo, so you won't have a problem here. There is even a body spray whit almoust the same smell, that goes perfect whit the scrub and deo... Also I will be havnig my first giveaway when i reach 10 followers ^ ^ /If I ever do ^ ^/

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