Friday, November 4, 2011

Sorry I haven't been on latley ^ ^ Won't happen again - promise ^ ^ So last week my cousin bouth herself a new mascara and they gave her 2 / she won it, she ahd to take out a piece of paper from a bow and she got the same mascara/, so she gave one of them as a gift. This is the newest mascara by Maybelline - Cata eye
As you can see it has a curve brush, similar to older brushes from the series, butthis one is smaller. It's actually better to have a smaller brush, because it helps you get to the root of all the lashes and the fact, that it's curved only helps. It does smell a little bit strange .... I'm not amazed by it and if I had to choose I will still choose the One by One /again from Maybelline/ I will upload some photos when i get my camera back from my Mom /she'll be back on the 14/


  1. It looks pretty but Maybelline mascaras are not my fav. Except One by One which I really want to try and think I'll love it!

  2. Yes, you will love it ^ ^ It's a lot better than this one ...