Friday, October 26, 2012

Clip on bangs review

                                   / i really think that this has some awesome coreography/

 /my whole left leg is in cast, and the camera is in the other room and the bangs are in the other end of the room, so I won't have so may pics and some of them will be from google/
Being the lovley creatures we girls are, we like taking impulsive desiciouns about our looks and sometimes we feel bad for doing so after the end result /and sometimes we look even betterm if that's even possible/.  Ever had the urge to have a bang, but didn't want to cut you hair or your not sure if it will suit you ? There is a soloution /boy, I sound like an info-mrecial/ and it's name is clip-on bangs :D
Mine is from a accsessoary store here in Bulgaria and it costed 10 lev, they have site and from some time now it's 12 lev /witch is around 6 euro/. This is  mine
/ - is the name of the site, you can also order on-line from there/
I lived most of my live whit bangs, than I decided that I don't like them and now I don't have any.... or do I ? During the summer my hair gets from black to brown whit red highliths /naturaly/ so this is perfect /tghou it's a lill'bit darker in real life/
It has two clips /like putting on an extention/ that you can clip on your head and .... well, that's it !
They come a little bit long, so you can cut them to the legth that you desire /you know, everyone has differend type of forhead, some have bigger, some have smaller/
The bang itself, feels like a natural one to you /from experiance/
These are a few pics from the 50's look, in witch I'm wearing them
They are not that good, but you can atleast kind-of see the bangs /please don't pay attention to me /

I think you can find diffrent kinds in big stores, I saw the in Hondos center in Thessaloniki, Greece and I've seen them in Cosmetics, Monenegro, but they were more expensive : )

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  1. Aww, great review! This bang really suits you well, the colour fits you (I wouldn't know what colour shoud I order for my hair shade...) Plus you look really lovely with a bang :)
    And oh myyy, I hope you will be alright soon again! What happend to your leg? Poor you, take care!^^