Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nivea Cleaning mousse Review

Sorry I missed a post or two, but I've been really busy whit some projects, now I'm gonna make-up for the lost posts, starting whit a review of the Nivea's cleaning mouse (foam)
whit my desktop background - my cat ^^

As you can see from the picture, mine is around 60% used, so I think that by now I have an opinion about it.
The product itself has pump, and actually when pump, it doesn't give you gel, but foam !
One pump
Two pumps
I usually use two pumps, the texture is really nice and feels amazing, when you apply it to your face. The smell is the typical Nivea cream sent, that we are all familiar whit and love.
The effect of the mouse ? - I don see or feel any difference, and I'm more than half done whit my bottle, using it it twice a day, I would thing it would be enough to detect a difference, I can only smell the Nivea sent. Small imperfections that usually go away, when I wash my face whit a product are still there. I don''t really like it and I', not planing to get a new one.
Where to buy : In every cosmetic/hypermarket store
Price: Around 7 Lev

And tomorrow is our national holiday here in Bulgaria, so I made a mani to go whit that
Our flag is white - for the freedom, green for the nature and red for the blood we had to spill
The timing to find out that my red and green polishes are over wasn't the best, but these still work
White - Catrice's number 470 Snow Motion - witch is this really beautiful white, this is my best white polish, it just looks amazing in real life!
Green (-ish) - Rimmel's number 045 Misty jade - really nice minty colour, witch sadly is like 3 nails done (I can only use it for small things now, because it has enough polish for about 3 nails left)
Red (redish-pinkish) - Essence's number 02 Princessorize - from the Crazy Times TE, witch has this glittering effect on it
Sadly Catrice changed theyr nail polish lines, so trey don't have this one anymore, but they are changing it as we speak, so you still may be able to get one, it will even be - 50%
Rimmel changed they nail polish line and don't have this one anymore, they have a similar one, but I liked the old one more
Essence's one was part of a TE, so you can't find it anymore

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  1. I usually like foam cleansers, too bad this one is not that good. xx