Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bioten face scrub review

I missed another Friday, I know.... I'm gonna make it up to you somehow, promise ^^
So I've already talked about Biotena and theyr body lotion, witch I still use daily, one of theyr new products is the scrub cream
It's smells like vanilla to me : )
Whit it I have no such problems like whit the foam cream from Nivea - it gets rid of the small imperfections, smells amazing, makes my skin softer and my tan gets more even !
It has a cream like structure and small vanilla (I think) parts, like small dots.
I have luck, so my skin isn't sensitive, so I use it twice a day - in the morning and before going to bet, but if you have normal skin - use it one a day and if you have sensitive skin I would recommend not using scrubs, try the gel one Bioten has fro sensitive skin, it smell amazing and the results are also great : )
Cost:  5.19lv
Where to find: Most drugstores and big hypermarkets

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