Monday, November 25, 2013

Metal Glam Review

Hello girls, so some time ago I won from Essenee the ome of the products from the TE Metal Glam, and I recieved these :

I won't lay, I was the most exited, when I saw the golden topper ! We don't have this TE in Bulgaria, and I've seen swatches on blogs and loved it ! IT's like amazing ! I'm wearing it right now actually, almoust for a week, whit some white polish as a base - looks amazng! (will post photos of it and some other polishes soon). Before that I was with one of the other polishes - 04 Gold digger - also amazing, just like I'vemelted some gold on my nails - loved it !
01 Steel-ing the scene  04 Gold digger   and   the topper - 01 Steel-ing the scene

When I first saw the stik on eyeliner, I was like "when will I wear this actualy?" Well I did and it was awesome! I have tryied stick on eyeliner from Essence before and loved it, so my problem was that they are in gold and silver... I used the silver ones and everybody complimented me on them ! Have in mind, I alsi used lash glue, when I was going out whit them, for the picture - it has only it's own glue and I have no mascara on, so you can see how it stays on the eye.(and it's a bit closed)
Another product I was exited about was the higllighter, I used one by Catrice, but it\s almoust over and I had my eyes on the one from JB's TE, so i was pretty stocked, when I saw it : ) The shimmer isn\t too much, witch is a problem with some highlighters, easy to apply with a brush and nice coverige
01 gold digger
Now we move on to the lipsgloss, witch gives you a beautiful frosty look onyour lips. The colour looks strangly-purple, but when you put it on it stays like a cool cold pink. The applicator brush has a curv, so it's super easy and comfy to put on yoour lipgloss!
01 petal to the metal
And last, but not least - the eyeshadow in 03 glamour girls - it's a silver sparkaling eyeshadow, witch is nice, but I already have simmilar one again from essence's regular range - 04 starlight (or something like that) I have made a review of it, so I'm not gonna repat myself : )
03 glamour girls

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