Monday, November 4, 2013

October's favorites : )

Hey girls, it's November already, so it's time for last months favorites : )
and my Tally Weijl bag on the BG :D

So let's start whit the thing that I can't live without anymore - that's Bioten's CC cream
Something like the BB creams and I've been using it every single day ever since i bouth it and I really can't live without it ! What it says:
"bioten SKIN MOISTURE CC cream is an advanced moisturizer, delivering multiple benefits for a perfect looking skin, in 1 formula. Based on a combination of advanced natural ingredients and mineral pigments, bioten CC cream covers imperfections, enhances the natural tone of the skin and provides your skin optimum moisture and protection.

With only one movement, bioten CC cream:
  1. 1. Unifies the skin tone and keeps a radiant complexion throughout the day, thanks to mineral pigments and advanced natural actives
  2. 2. Covers imperfections such as blemishes, spots, fatigue signs and fine lines
  3. 3. Illuminates the skin, highlighting its natural tone
  4. 4. Provides immediate moisture which lasts up to 24 hours, thanks to HYDRO NUTRIENT 24H and 100% natural Quince extract deriving from eco-friendly and gentle extravtion methods
  5. 5. Penetrates rapidly the skin due to its light formulation, while providing optimum coverage
  6. 6. Protects the skin from UV radiation and premature ageing with SPF20"    
I agree! You can't even feel you have something on your face, it looks so natural, that the other day a professional make-up artist told me my skin so even and perfect naturaly and when I sid I have something one it, that makes it like that he couldn't believe me. It's for 20+ until 35 years.

Where to buy - Big supermarkets, drogeries, beauty shops
Cost: arount 6 lev/6 euro

Another saver, this time for my lips, is this little baby - the reapir lip balm from nivea. My lips were quit chopped from the cold wind, there was even blood and this balm "cuered"them. it has a white center and a little more colourful outtercoat. It has a really nice frutty? smell (I'm really bad at tetermaning smells ) and a minty effect, it's just marvelous !
Where to buy: Basacly everywere
Cost: arount 5lev/2.50-5 euro

A really nice handcream. Mixa is part of the L'Oreal range and it has wonderful skin care things, espechaly for dry and sensitive skin. I bouth the hand cream, witch has 30% oat milk and is pharaben free ! It's not oily at all and you feel like you have a second skin/gloves on your hands. I dosen't leave anything on my screen(on my phone, the touchsreen) even if I use t right after I've applied the cream !
Where to buy: Most big supermarkets, Beatyshops
Cost: arount 6 lev/3 euro-6 euro

I simply love Herbal Essences and I'm really sad that they don't sell them in Bulgaria anymore ; ( Lucky for me I aksed my father to get me some from Italy, when he was there last mounth on a working trip. I got the split ends ones, because my hair tends to have split ends and I do have an ombre hair, so it's normal for my ends to be more damaged. The smell is amazing, the effect as well,I mean I don't think that there is someone who hasn;t tried them and dosen't remember the old comercial whit the airplane : )
Where to buy: I f you are lucky in every store
Cost: I think it was around 2.50 euro last time that I saw
I use luqid crystals for my hair and he ones from Seri are my fave ones ! I love the effect and the smell, my only problem whit them is that when I apply them, my hands are super oily and I have to wash them after. You can apply crystals on wet or dry hair, apply them more to your ends, not your roots, because they will get greasy. I personaly put 2 pumps, halfway down my hair (ends towrds the middle of my hair)
Where to buy: Big supermarets. Beaty shops
Cost: 6.19 lev

And the mascara - I have  review already -

Have you tried any of these ?


  1. The liquid crystals looks really great, I've read about them about a year ago, but they didn't sell any here and since that I forget to check :D So now maybe they'll have them somewhere, need to look!

  2. Bioten CC is nice but I need more coverage. Love the scent though ^-^ What's this liquid crystal for hair, is it like dry oils?

  3. @Natalie - not exactly, somethog between oils and silicon, really helps to prevent split ends, makes the hair lither and more soft. I lovbe them I eather buy the ones from BioFarm witch is a bulgarian brand r the SERI ones (like the ones here) and they are actualy greek, so it would be easy for you to try them : )