Sunday, October 9, 2011

Maybelline One by One mascara review

This right now is my all time favorite mascara. It cost around 12 leva/euro and you can bye it from every cosmetic shop ^ ^ It has a big brush, so it makes huge volium. It goes thru every single lash, making each one of them long and black. I would say that it's a combo between the Black drama by Maybelline, Stays On and On and On by Essence and Million lashes by L'oreal ^ ^ I recomend it whit all my heart ^ ^

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  1. Sounds cool, I haven't try it, but my favourite ones are one from Bourjois (Volume Clubbing or so) and Blackmania from Essence.. both are similar, they make my lashes so curvy and black!

    Kisses, I follow you! :P