Friday, January 20, 2012

Virtual make-over

Ok, so there are a lot of sites out there for virtual make-overs, but I must say my fave one is
There you can choose one of the models or upload your own picture. I like the fact, that the produucts you use are real, not just made-up colours, you can see witch product your putting on,in witch shade and even how much does it cost. You can also put on diferend hair styles and save your "work of art"

For example, from this picture:

You can do this:

And many more stuff, you should check it out if you like stuff like this ^ ^


  1. Cool, I'll try that site, thanks!

  2. Sounds fun, I'll try it! And who knows, one day I'll may be a professional make up artist! Yeah, I wish! lol!