Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cheetah / snow cheetah make-up ideas

Hey everyone ^ ^ I knew I said will do a review, but my battery is dead, so I will just have to do whit some older stuff.
Two of my friends wanted to be cheetah and a snow cheetah for Halloween this /last/ year and asked me to do they'r eyes. So I tried the looks on me at home ^ ^
I did one of my eyes in brown and the other in white/silver.
When doing a cat involved look, the extended eye is very important. And knowing how to do it right is also very important. For example, in my case - I have rounder eyes, so if I put black /in this case/ eyeliner all over my lash line - that won't be a good idea, because my eyes will always look even rounder /that's the reason my eyes are all most closed in 90% of the pics I upload/
For round eyes, it's best do devide your eye in 3 sections - from the inner corner of your eye to the part where the iris begins, the whole iris is the 2 section /iris = the colour of the eye/ and the 3rd one - from the iris to the outer corner of the eye. Than you put liner only on sections 1 and 3 /and you may put a very thin line on the 2nd section/
First you apply the shadows, then you make the "cat" lines, than you make the cheetah prints and last, but not least you put on your fave mascara /if you want you can put on fake lashes on, or only half fake lashes on the outer corner of the eyes/
So I'll start whit the brown cheetah - for it I used only Essence products /exept the mascara/

- Jumbo pencil /brown one/ from the In to the Wild TE
- Brown eyeshadow from the pocket beauty Glamor and Go pallet
- Eyeliner pen

1 Apply the Jumbo eye pencil all over the lid
2 Apply brown eyeshadow on top of the pencil /the pencil will help to keep it "stuck"/
3 Draw the inner corner of the eye
4 Draw the outer corner
5 Draw the cheetah print - this is super easy - just make "c" faced to each other, circles ... They don't have to pe perfect, because in real life the cheetah print isn't perfect ^ ^
6 Here is the time to add some kind off false lashes if you want /As you can see - I didn't/
7 Apply mascara - in this case I used a mascara from Imapla - I'm not that of a fan of theyr mascaras... but theyr eyeliners are to die for ^ ^


- White gel eyeshadow from Miss Sporty
- White shadow from the Glamor to go pallet from Essence
- White shimmery eyeshadow - starlight by Essence
- Eyeliner pencil

Repeat the steps from above, first apply the gel eyeshadow /if you decide to/, the the white one and just a lill' bit of the shimmery one. Everything else is the same ^ ^

Here are some other photos of the look, have you ever tried doing the cheetah print ?


  1. Cute and original make up! I'll try it :)

  2. Amazing, is it! I can't decide which version I love more^^ :D

  3. Wow! That looks sooooooooooo cool! I'm gonna try that some time

  4. Thank you ^ ^ It's really super easy and fast ^ ^

  5. Super pretty both of them but the white one if my fav!