Friday, January 20, 2012

Body Lotions /review/

First I would like to say sorry for being a bit slow, but m season starts today in uni, so I had a lot of things to do ^ ^

So today I'm going to talk about my two fave body lotions - One from Garnier and the other one is from Balea ^ ^
This how they look like /don't mind the background, I'm just listening to music/

First let's review the one by Garnier
I must say I'm pretty happy whit my skin, I don't get spots, I don't burn in the sun, I get tanned fast .... But last year I got some stuff injected in me, because i pass out a lot and from that i got "orange skin" on the top parts of my arms /I have no idea what are they called/ , this means that i got small pages on my arms, that were just like the peel of an orange and when i go on the sun, they don't get tanned /I'm so happy it's over now/ and that's when i really stared trying all kinds of dierent body lotions and in the end I found the perfect one for me - Garnier Body - body repair lotion. It's for dry skin. This year they had new lotions and there was one for really dry skin - I didn't like it ... But having in mind, that this lotion helped me whit the orange skin situation... talks for it's self ^ ^ I still use it /not every day, but i try to use it as often as I can/. The smell is good, but nothing special ^ ^ It makes your skin smoother and gives it a pretty good look ^ ^ Here it costs around 7 leva and Garnier doesn't transform they're prices, so I guess it should be around 7 euro ?

The other lotion I like is the summer LE "summer glam" from Balea /DM drogerie/
I love it's glitter, it has small glittery parts, that stay all day/night, look great under the sunlight or the artifical /my spelling is getting worse, I should write more often in english ^ ^/ lights. It smell is great /coconut milk/. I like the fact that the glitter isn't "in your face", it's not too much, it's just perfect ^ ^ This also doesn't transform it's price and here it was 4.19 leva, witch means - 4.19 euro ... It was a LE, but we still have it, so ... ^ ^

Have a nice day and remember, that skin care is very important ^ ^


  1. I know Balea is fantastic! I live in Austria so I can buy them in dm. ( a shop)
    The reason I can speak English? Because my dad is Irish and we lived in Ireland until to this year. Anyway Balea is GREAT!!! I've got a few things from Balea.
    And I love them!

  2. I also love Garnier and Balea body lotion. I think that body lotion is perfect for my skin. I think that every women love to use this body lotion.