Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide

What's this ?
Well this is something that I believe everyone should have in theyr homes. I'm not going to put on any pictures because it come in differend shapes. Here 100ml coast around 0.60 cents, so it's really cheap.
What does it do ?
1. It disinfects small woonds, scratches and well everything !
2. It can bleach any body hair

Clean nails /toenails
No matter what you do, you can never clean enough probbaply under your nails and around them. This is where the hydrogen peroxide comes along. Just take some cotton /i use ear cotton tips/, get it really wet whit the HP /hydrogen peroxide/ and then apply it on the desired spot - around all the corners around your nail. You have to put a lot of it ! If you see white foam coming out - this is all the bacteria that the HP is killing, just wipe it of and repeat until there is no more white foam. Same goes for scratches and woonds. By keeping your toenails clean, you'll avoide having fungus /because every type of fungus there is is from bacteria/

Body Hair Bleach
It works only if it's sunny - you take again a piece of cotton, dip it in the HP and go over you arms for example, then you go in the sun, repeat it a copple of times and your hair will bleach. Girls hear use it all the time on theyr legs/arms before theyr parents let them shave them : )

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