Saturday, March 3, 2012

Face Care / happy holidays

Skip the first part to go the the mini spa part if you want only that : )
Hello everyоne, first I want to say Честит Празник на всички българи! Today is our national holiday - the day we got our liberation from the Ottoman empire after 5 centuries. Also every march we celibrate "Baba Marta" /grndma Marta/ and on the first of march we give each other "Martencihki" - a red-white string for the hand or the chracters Pijo and Penda
You have to take them off when you see a stork - you put it on a tree for health and under a rock for money : )
The legent says that many years ago we had a ruler that went to war, but before that he told his wife - if I loose I'm going to send a dove whit a red string, if this happens you have to evacuate the whole city and run. If we win I'll send a white string - then prepare a feast to celibrate. So he actualy won and send a white string, but the dove injured itself and the dove's blood mixed whit the white string and the result was a red-white string.

Face Care
Sometimes putting masks and creams on your face is not enough, so I do this routine once in 2 weeks.
Have you ever been to a beauty saloon ? Do you know those steam baths for the face ? Why pay to get it, when you can make it in your home, even whit out spending money to buy one ?
These are the things I use /exept the black head thingy/

- Two towels - a big one and the one you use for your face
- Cleaning GEL - gel, whit out any pearls or anything, just a soft gel
- A moisturizing cream
- Black heads strip for nose /optional/
- Water heater - if you don have one, just boil some water

What you have to do:
- Go to the sink and put the thingy that keeps the water in the sink /I don't know it's name in any language/
- get your hair out of your face, it's best to put it into a bun
- Poor the hot water from the heater in sink
- put your face down, close to the water
- Put the big towel over you head and the corner of the sink
That way all steam goes to your face. It will get hot, so if you start to feel really hot just uncover part of of the sink and you will be better : ) After you think it's enough wash your face whit the gel and then apply the nose strip if needed /turns out I don't have black heads/ Then wash it off /what's left from it/ and apply the cream.
The steam bath will open all your pors : )
Other than that I use

Cosmetic dry wipes - mine are from Ebelin
Wet cosmetic wipe - again fro Ebelin

Do you have some ritual like this ? What do you do ?


  1. Uhmm, I'll try that! My rituals are more basic, just cleaning, masks.. and so. And hey, happy day! ^^

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    The post is in English too ^^

  2. A couple days ago I had my first facial, it hurt a little to remove those blackheads but now my face is clear! The steam does wonders, I'll copy your way to do it at home! :D
    Btw, stop by my blog, I tagged you to answer my 11 questions ^^

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