Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catrice, Essence + Giveaway : )

I am sooo extremly sorry for not posting in such a long time, but every year in April and May I have no free time at all :D
I have so many things to share whit you, let''s start whit the fact that now we have Catrice here /it's from the same compony as Essence and they also have amazing products/ I biought a copple of thing and i loved evrything !

Let's start whit the foundation - I got the 18h photofinish foundation /mine is number 30/ and I am in love whit it !
 The packaging looks really expensive and classy, there was a foil around the cap, so yiu can be sure no one has opened it before you /witch is great/
It has a pump, to be honest I will alway prefer a foundation/cream whit a pump, because it's more hygenic, fast and more clean
The pump has 2 steps - if you give it a gentloe push and if you gie it a bigger push
Here you can see how much product get's squeezed out whit the 2 different pushes
And now the most important part - the foundation itslef
This is somekind of a magical foundation, that chages it's colour and it blends in to your skin perfectly ! No, I am not kidding, it really does change it's colour ! It has a medium coverige and a nice smell, i tried to take  a photo, but it blends so weel to my face/arm/leg /i tried it there/, that you can't see  it /because my camera isn't that good/.
Cost: 13.80 leva / I'm not shure if it's going to be 13.80 euro or 6.90 euro, but I think that it will follow the same logic as Essence, so I'll bet on 6.90 euro

Moving on to the mascara - FAKE IT!
 Ok, so I got this mascara, because I was curious about the brush, witch has a sea horse shape
It says it makes "fan like lashes"and I must pretty much agree whit that. It sooo perfect for fan-like eyes, because of the brush.The end of the brush is really great to give that "boost at the end of the lashes, witch can be very dificuled, I really like it, but it's not for every day /on my lashes ! rtemember that everybody hase differend types of lashes !/, becaise it makes the hyper long and because my lash have natural volum it reduces the volum and it looks like I have False Lashes, witch is actualy the first "false lash"mascara, that actualy makes my lashes look fake.
I laso got the smokey eye pencil, witch I love, It has two sites - one whit the pencil and on the other there is a small brush witch the help of witch you can smudge it. It's a nice brown/gold/olive green colour whit a sparkle, it's lovely : ) I love it
And on last pic you can see the mascara whit the pencil
The mascara costs: 9.80 leva /and as I said before 9.80 euro or 4.90euro
The pencil - 5.30leva /5.30 euro or 2.65euro
We also got some of the new stuff from Essence and I had to try at least some of them !
Let's start whit the Colour3 nail polish, I got this one
And because I always put my new polishes on fake nails, so I will have it for my collection, there are the 3 colours you can get : 1-the darkest, it's black whit really small golden glitters
2- golden glitters
3- One on top of the other
They are all made whit only 1 coat.
Price: 5.69 leva / around 2.80 euro

And the highlither pen - I <3 runway
This is how the brush looks like, you twist the end of the pen and the highlighter goes to the brush, It's pretty easy to use and yet very effective. You can use it above your cheeks/under your eyes/on or around your nose or like the pic I'm going to show you - under your eyebrows
/ the msascara is by S-he and I really don't like it, it makes my lashes look worse than if I just leave them whit no mascara/
How does the highlighter work ?
Well it's kind-off like a pale conciler, whit small shiny parts, when you apply it it "catches"and reflects the light and gives it a boost - for example under your eyebrows, it will opticly lift them up, if you have a wide nose, putting a line on your arch - from the beginning of the nose, to the tip of it - that will instantly make it look thinner ....

Now it's time for a little tip - Has this happened to you ? You look thru some pages and see a super cool lipstick whit and amazing colour you rush out to the store and get it, but when you put it on, you are like "Hmm, it's not exactly the same, they must have chaged it on photoshop or smt"
Well, you are wrong ! It's just that every person has his own lip colouring, that why the shame shade look differend on differend people, and the secret to get that "pop colour"is really easy and is also the best way to get a nude lip - just put some foundation on ! And if after that you put on some clear gloss, you have the perfect nude lips. Just try it ! I can garantee you, that when you apply your lipstick over you foundation, it will not only look better, but it will also stay longer !

And we also have a 50% off from all Rimmel's mascaras and beeing the lash maniac that I am I got myself the newest one - Scandaleyes, I even got two, so I can give one away to one of you lovly girls !

It's a pretty nice mascara, I must say I am glad I bouth it, I got the extra black one /and also the one I'm going to give awaya/, just because - the bigger, the blacker and the ticker - the better : )
Price : Normaly -  10 leva /10 euro or 5 euro I am not sure, it depends on the company

Giveaway time
Right now I don't have a lot of money, so the things I'm going to give away are:
- A rimmel Scandaleyes black mascara
- A few hand made eyering from myself

How to enter ?
Just leave a comment, in witch you leave something that will help me contact you in case you win !
And you must be my follower, new ones are welcome of cours : )


  1. Great post, this foundation sounds amazing! And omg, what a weird mascara wand! The Catrice one, I don't think I've ever seen something like that. It gives you really wow lashes!! Thanks for the giveaway doll, the earrings are lovely! <3

  2. teleia ta nea sou apoktimata!!! den exw dokimasei akoma catrice kai rimmel alla thelw poly!!! teleia kai ta skoularikia sou!
    keep bloging girl!!!

  3. Hi there!
    Although I love Essence cosmetics, I've never heard before of Catrice. The brush is really so weird but I see it works very well!
    Thanks for the giveaway, the earrings are very sweet . Well done!

  4. great post !!! Thanks for the giveaway !!! the earrings are lovely !!!