Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Make-up ina hurry + Lotion + new winner

* my 50th post *
Hey everyone, hope you are having a nice day : ) Here it's the first day from 3+ weeks in witch it's not raining, so I'm in "summer mode":D
Sorry for not being active again, but it's been a busy mounth : )
Let's start whit the new winner of the giveaway - because the old one didn't answer my e-mails, and it's been almoust a mounth now, so the new winner is
Congrats, I'll contact you via e-mail :D

Some time ago i did a post whit ideas for make-up if you are in a hurry and I never did get around for number two, because I simply wasn't ïn a hurry", till yesturday :D SO here is idea number 2

I've used a green eye pencil from Miss Sporty, the black manian pencil from Essence and a random mascara /i just  keep them all in a small box and reach down to use ... whatever I get/
You just apply your green pencil all over your lid and if needed make corecction to the shape /like i did in the end of the eye/, then apply it under your lower lashline as well, then put a litttle black pencil in the outer corners, msudge whit brush, put on mascara and go ! - Time: 5 min
/I just realised that last time I used green again/

We have a new line of white cosmetics here /lotions, creams...../ called Bioten. I'm not really 100% sure were are they from, but they are made in France and theyr site is in english/greek/bulgarian/serbian/portugues, so I think they sell it only in these countrys ^^ I think it's n greek, because the pacgaing is in greek, or may be it's cheaper for them to import it from there ? Anyway I got the body lotion for very dry skin

It's smells wondefrul, absorbs super fast and makes your skiny really soft. I decided to get it, because I may be really happy whit my Garnier loton, but my skin will gbet used to it, if I use only it, that's why it's good to use different products : ) I adore this and I'm really happy that I bouth it :D
Price : 4.79 leva /and as I understood 4.79 euro, witch means that if you use euro in your country and if you come in Bulgaria it will be half price for you /because of the difference of the curency/
Here is the site и ако искате може да се включите в играта на Биотен в България, в която може да спечелите техни продукти, - на този линк сте поканени от мен и ако регнете от него, ще ми донесете 5 точки/за което ще съм ви изключително благодарна/, ако не искате да ми носите точки, просто изтриите всичко след реферер : )
See you soon : )

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  1. Bioten is a Greek, it's relatively new and all the products are paraben-free :D You should try the green make up wipes and maybe the green face cream, everything smells lovely and does a great job!