Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rebels TE, Make-up removal, Frosted top coat

Hello everyone : )

I'm gonna post a song, just because it's awesome : ) And you will have something to listen to when you read : )

So let's start : )
There was a giveaway at twitter from Essence and I was one of the 5 lucky girls to get 3 products from the "Rebels"TE. I was really happy, because we don't get TE, so you can imagine how happy I was !
I got these lovley producst
I was really happy, because i really wanted to try the cheek and lip pot and the mascara !
Let's start whi the lipgloss. When I first saw it, I was like "hmmm, another ligloss for my shiny collection, then I read "matt effect" - I didn't even know, that liglosses can have a matt effect /guess you can tell, I'm not a huge lipgloss fan ^^/
So when I tried it - it really has matt effect, it's like liguid matt lipstick from silk /if that makes any scense/ and I love it ! It lok really smooth
Than we have cheek and lip pot, witch has a beautiful coral colour <3

/the colour is the same as the colour of the letters/
It looks great on the cheaks, it's not greasy and it has a semi-matt finish and it looks natural, but I couldn't make it work on my lips :/ But I didn't wanna use a lot, beacuse I love it, so if you use more, than it will probably work : )
And last, but not least - the mascara
It has two end - one is a wand and the other one is a brush whit a "top coat"sealer
This is the brush and my lashes whit one coat of the mascara

And this is the brush and how it looks whit it over the mascara

To be honest - I'm not really happy whit the end result. I'm usually pretty handy whit mascara/mascara like items, but it still crumbled at the end and it dosen't really give a "wow"factour as I imagend in my head - I am a little bit dissapointed so far -  why so far ? well the mistake may be in me, so whit a little practice we will see : ) I'll give an update in a few days : )

So my nive make-up removal lotion finally was over, so i boughjt the Essence one /it's new for my country/
I love it - it takes the make-up off really easy - you just put someona tampon and go over your eye and lashes, you don't have to push the pad/tampon or rub, witch is great : ) It also doesn't have any smell, witch is great, because that way it dosen't irated /oh god, today I just can't write, sorry for that/ and it dosen't leave your skin oily : )

I also got this "frosted"mtop coat from Catrice, witch gives an amazing matt finish !
I may have forgotten to take a pic of the bottle /sorry/, but here are the results
 In real life the effect is even more noticable ! I love it - it costs 5.30 leva /2.65 euro or 5.30 euro, because as I told you I am not really sure if the change or no, but I think it's 2.65/

p.s. The DIY post - in a few days : )
p.s. 2 - Sorry for all the mistakes, it's just that I don't check and when I read something after I've published it I am like "poor people will read this", I will try to chek more often what i write, promise : )


  1. Oooh, the lipgloss is such a pretty colour! I think the mascara is supposed to create spider lashes so it's not your fault. They look bolder but I personally prefer the first step only :)

  2. I know this is quite late, shame on me =/ But congrats! xD The blush is totally awesome! I love using it on my cheeks and lips, really beautiful colour. And the lipgloss - this was great TE, really, I've never seen a matt lipgloss either :D But it's more like a lipstick in a tube :D And the shade is also great! I don't have the mascara, because I found it weird in the store and I agree with Natalie. I saw only disappointing reviews on this, so I think it works like this for everybody.
    The make-up removal sounds really great! Sadly we don't have it here :(
    And the frosted effect looks so lovely!