Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to the 50's

Two looks on one day, yay : )
This one is dedecated to the 50's and that's why I'm going to post a song, that remainded me of the 50's foe some reason /I heard it on the radio/ This way you can listen to music and read : )

You may have noticed, but when I do any looks, they are always toned down, because otherwise they will look like costume make-up, this time isn't an exeption.
What I used ? /and what will you need/
- Catrice's photofinish foundation
 - Essence's highlither
- Essence's quattro eyeshadow
 - Alvede's powder
- Essence's brow pencil
 - Essence's super thin pencil liner
- Essence's powder brush
 - Catrice's eyeshado brush
- Redish lipstick from Glamour magazine
 - My fake bangs
- My DIY headbang
You can also use fake lashes, but they don't make any difference on me : )

So first of all you have to have a porcelan face, I would have also used a concealer, if I had one xD
- Foundation all over your face and neck , don't forget to blend it !
- Highlther wherever you need /my case over the cheek bones, under the end of the eyebrows and on the middle of my nose/
- Powder whit the powder brush
- I used the lipstick as a blush, because it gives more colour - on cheeks, the tip of the nose and the tip of the chin, that makes it look more natural
Than we move on to the brows, they have to be really well defined, you may or may not know, but I naturaly have very tick and defined brows, but I made them even more defined whit the black eyebrow pencil
Than we move on to the eyes
- natural colour all over the lid, all thje way to the eyebrow /I'm talking abou eyeshadow/
- apply a carbon black line of liner whit an extended wing /it can be thin or tick, depending on your eye shape/
- if needed fix around liner whit concealer/foundation /tapping whit our finger/brus/
- put on mascara, I normaly put one lear, but for this look I puted 2 layers of mascara - the bolder the better !
- now is the time to put on the fake lashes /if you want/
Next step is putting on your red lipstick, it's better if it's matted
The bangs really put me in this retro wave, so I decided to use them as well /should I make a review of the clip on bangs ? Commen !/ and of course  a hair bow headban made from a retro looking pattern
 The nail polish is from Rimmel - 198 azure
That's it, hope you got inspired by the 50's : )


  1. I love love love this look! Especially the last photo, it's amazing! Tell me more about these clip on bangs, I like bangs very much but it's boring to cut them every month, this looks super easy :D

  2. Gorgeous! 50's are amazing to style into <3 I like the blue nailpolish, lovely shade^^ And the bang is awesome, I've never seen this, only normal hair extensions :) It fits your hair colour and looks so "puffy" :D Love it!

  3. I'll make a review of it in the next few days : )