Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Forest fairy look

 Hello and welcome back : )
I have so many thing to share whit you girls, that I just decided to start from the beggining of May, when I had no more time to write : )

Soooo, first I'm going to show you this really easy "forest fairy" look, wicth will be great for halloween /althou I wore it in May :D/
It's really easy and fast
You need:
 - green eye pencil /mine is from Miss Sporty/
- yellow eye pencil /mine is from Essence/
 - white/silver eye pencil /mine is from Essence/
- mascara /mine is from ... I don't remember actualy xD/
 - fake lashes /mine are from Essence/
- if you have some kind of a head band /mine is from New Yourker/
 - nide lipgloss/lipstick /it dosen't have to be matted, like mine/ /mine is from Essence/
- coral/red/pink blush /mine is from Essence/
 - black eye pencil/liner

First start whit drawing the black lines under your lower lashes and the top ling on top of the upper lashes, try to follow your natural shape and just exadurate the endings in both conners
Then fill the inner corner of your eyes whit white/silver
Next comes the green pencil
And last, but no least the yellow one
You can also do this whit shadows, ubt I prefer pencils : )
Don't forget to blend everything whit your fave blending brush/fingers !
Put on your fave mascara and then attach the fake lashes and voyla - your eyes are ready !
Put on some blush /I've used the one from the "Rebels"TE from Essence, whitch is in this gourges coral colour, after that apply some nude lipstick/lipgloss, why nude ? Because we have a lot gping around the eyes and will becaume too much if we also make a bright lip : )
Put a small part of your hair up, put on your headband around your head, across your forhead and let down your hair, from hear you can do a big lazy braid, or may be two, or a messy bun or leave it like that or... do what ever you want :D

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  1. Aww, love it! So easy and looks really gorgeous. The lashes are great and effective. Plus the green head bang is adorable and fits this look perfectly <3