Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nail expert for short nails by MissSporty preview

So since my fave fast growing nail polish by Essence is discontinued /and we didn't have it in my country/ I had to find myself a new one. I've tried a cople - by maybelline, Perfect,S-he, Selene ...., but I'm most satisfied whit the one from Miss Sporty

I've been using it for mount now and I can say it's really good.
It doesn't have any colour, only gloss
Has a normal smell for a nail polish
It really helps my nails grow faster
And be more strong
By the nail my nail are more even on the survice : )
Sadly I have to still cut them really short /because of the cold alrgies they grow in the other direction, because my fingers are swollen/, but soon I won't have to do that and now I can bee sure that when my nails go from cuticles to the end of the nail they will be strong.
Looks like more people are begining to discover Miss Sporty, because today I had some money so i went to the store to get a nail polish from this brand for a friend and the stand was cleaned out. I was there yesturday and it was super full. I asked what happened and they told me that a big group of girls from Greece come in the store and both have of it o.0 I know that for them here most of the stuff are cheaper, but the store looked so ..... naked ? I went to the other store and they didn't have it again beacuse a group of girls, but from France/at least this one wasn't half empty/.... today I just have no luck ^ ^


  1. loool, you must be kidding! Who were these girls?? lol!
    It looks great, don't worry about your short nails doll, they look good with dark polishes! :D