Monday, December 5, 2011

The big Smokey eye topic / review /

Before I start I want to say "Thank you" to the people looking at this /the blog/. I'm so happy to see that someone is actually reading it, it may be only a few people, but really makes my day, so Thank you

So everybody loves smokey eyes and everybody has a diferend way of doing them. Here I'm going to try out two "smokey eye" sets and also tell how I usually make my smokey eye. And because I'm going to write "Smokey Eye" waaaay to many times, from now on I'm just going to write "SE" ^ ^ So I'll start whit the two sets I own. One of them is by Miss Sporty and the other one is by Essence.

I'm going to whit the one by Miss sporty. I have number 401 "for blue eyes" I don't have blue eyes, but it still looks good ^ ^ It looks like this

On the squers it says "1,2,3 and 4" 1 being the lightest colour and 4 the darkest / 1- top left; 2- top right; 3- bottom left and 4- bottom right /
On the back it has this image whit numbers, that suggests how to use them. I actually use the same sceme when doing my SE /before I ever knew what Miss Sporty is ^ ^/ I'm sorry it said ways, I just can't turn it for some reason

On the skin it looks like this - from 1 to 4 - from top to bottom

What do I think ?
The colours are perfect - the blend in perectly and are in perfect harmony
The case is small, so it's easy to carry around
It gives you tips on how to make you're SM
It has 4 colours - as I said i usually use 4 colours of eyeshadow, so that's a plus
But it's not that pigmented. have to over it again and again and again ....
Would I buy it in other colours ? - The other colours avalible -at least here- are green and pink. I may get the green one, but I'll pass the pink version ^ ^

Cost : 3.09 euro /the price is taken off the MS web site/

Next stop we have the Essence SE. It conatins 1 eyeshado, 1 gel liner and a dobble applicator - one for the eyeshadow and one for the gel. I have 03 "Purple manic" I use to have the black one too, but a friend of mine took it ^ ^

It again has a tip on how to use it

And on the skin it looks like this - eyeshadow, liner , both

And here it is on the eye + Mascara

What do I think?
It's small, so it's easy to take it around
It inclueds the brush you are going to need to put on your eyeshadow in the kit, so you don't have to bring another one
It's pigmented, but not too much - a very piggmented purple for a SE wouldn't be such a good idea
It stays a lot longer, because of the gel
You don't need a pencil/liner - witch is what I usually put
But it has only 2 colours and as I said - I use 4

Would I buy it again ? Yes

Cost: here it's 6.00 leva and something and here Essence's stuff is 50% more expensive, witch means somewhere around 3 euro

And now the way I like to do my SE ^ ^
Like i said 45678 times all ready I use 4 colours and follow this sceme. And Yeah it really looks bad done in PS, but I wanted you to see it the best way possible ^ ^

I numbered them from 1 to 4 startting from the lightest colour and ending whit the darkest one. As you can see I start whit applying number 2 all over my lid, then number 1 in the inner corner of my eye. Afetr that apply number 3 and in the end number 4 - like an eye liner.

Before even starting whit the eyeshadow I usually do a little trick I take a kajal pencil in a dark colour / what colour exactly depents on the colour of the SE / For example let's say we are doing a silver-black SE - we will take a black kajal pencil and apply it on the upper lid like a liner - you don't have to make it look good, it could be as messy as you want - put a lot at the outter corner of the eye and make it less and less as you go in. Then take a brush /I like the SE brush from Essence/ and smudge it all over. That way you get of a great start ! It really helps out - try it ^ ^
I also love using quattro eyeshado sets, because thy're colours always look good together. Like for example the quattro eyeshadow pallets From essence - like these two made whit I love denim and To die for - I have only them on, so you van see it better - I'm looking whit my eye a bit closed, so you can see it better ^ ^

If I used a kajal pencil for the first look it would be a dark blue one and for the second one a brown kajal.
Of course it's always good to use a primer before well everything, because that will help your make up stay in place for a longer time and also give it a fresh start ^ ^
Hope you liked it ^ ^
How do you do your SE ?

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  1. All of the sets look very nice but the purple one looks amazing!!
    I do smokey eyes similar to you, I use the colours like you show above.

  2. Thank you ^ ^
    Most of the people I know use this way also ^ ^
    And thank you for reading <3

  3. Well, I have 2 of these smokey eyes palettes from Miss Sporty and none is for brown eyes which I have :D :D But I love them, they look good on me, so why not... :)And that tip with kajal pencil, I use it also, it's so good, because it emphasize the make-up :) and much more often I apply primer and then white kajal (from Essence, it's really soft, good work with) and smudge it all over the lid, then eyeshadow on top. The colour is much intense then :)
    Great article, I love you have lots of photos!