Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brown Me Up ! Baby ^ ^

Here is another look, where I used mostly browns ^ ^ I used: - The Jumbo Eye pencil from the "In the jingle" TE /the brown one/ From Essence - Number 8 "teddy" kajal eye pencil from the regular range of Essence - The white kajal pencil /again from the regular range/ of Essence - A very cheap knock-off mascara ^ ^ - by Golden Rose ^ ^ How to do it: 1 ) apply the Jumbo pencil all over the eyelid /and if needed fix it, like I did/ 2) apply the brown pencil under the water line and as a eyeliner 3) apply the white pencil on the waterline 4) put just a little bit mascara, run it thru your lashes only once and don't out too much, just a little bit / like I did/
A little bit closed, for an intense look ^ ^
We are also 3 followers away from the 1st giveaway ^ ^


  1. Awwww, brown looks great on you, I'm jealous! :D I like the white pencil on the waterline, it makes eyes bigger and brighter!

  2. these brown tones really compliment your eyes! love it!!
    xx :D

  3. I freaking love your blog because there's a lot of tips :) !