Monday, December 26, 2011

White shimmery eyeshadow /gloss vs powder/ review

Merry Christmas everyone ^ ^
This is the time of the year where you can go over the top whit glittery, shimmery eyeshadows and no one will think you are crazy ^ ^ I for once LOVE eyeshadows whit a bit of shimmer in them, and the silver/white ones are the most popular this season /and for me the whole year ^ ^/ I own a shimmery white gloss eyeshadow from Miss Sporty and a powder one from Essence /sadly I don't have a loose powder one/. So today I'm going to talk about the "+" and "-" side on this two types of eyeshadow ^ ^
They both are around the same price /1.50 euro for MS and 1.90 for Essence or something like that/ //out of topic - I'm sorry that I can tell you an exact price on anything, but my curency is bulgarian leva and 1 euro = 1.96 leva and some brands reverse it - like essence if something here 6 leva, it will be 3 euro in all the countrys whit euro, and some brands leave it the same - like maybelline something that costs 10 euro, here it will cost 10 leva, not 20. And because if you get 400 euro for a salary, we don't get 800 leva, we get 400 leva and most of the products are way to expensive for me and that's why most of my reviews are on cheaper products like Miss Sporty or Golden Rose ... Essence and Maybelline /and may be L'oreal, all thgou one mascara from L'oreal cost like 30 leva/are in the middle range and I can't afford something from the higher range, so I am again sorry for that //
Lets start whit the Miss Sporty one

This is how it looks opened

And how it looks on the skin

As you can see, you have to apply it by hand, you can apply it whit a brush, but it will leave strikes and won't be so pretty and if you use a sponge - it will take a part from your shadow and just absorve it, so it's best to use your finger ^ ^
As you can see i you don't go over it again it is white and shimmery, but not too much - I love that, I also love the fact, that it doesn't crease a lot, I do have a lot a lot of skin on my eyes, so all my shadows crease a lill' bit.
Now a big plus here is, that you can use it as a base or the powder eyeshadows, because when it's a gloss it has some stickines of a sort, so it helps your eyeshadow to stay there, the minus is that you just can't apply it on top o a powder eyeshadow, I mean you can, but it really won't work out ^ ^ I also love to put it on my eyebrow bone ^ ^


This is how it looks opened

And how it looks like on the skin

Here a you can see the colour is way more intense.You can apply it how ever you want - by hand, brush, sponge. Again it doesn't crease /all most, as I explained/ The plus here is that you can use it on top of other eyeshadows /in this case a little bit o this on top gives it a magical shimmer and you can also put a bit on your eyebrows as well/.

They both are wonderful and if you combine them /first the gloss than the powdre/ you will be amazed by the end result ^ ^
Have you used gloss eyeshadows ?What is your opinion ?
Have a nice holiday /and don't forget to leave a comment on the 1000 views entry for a change to win/


  1. Interesting thing this one about the brands and the currency. So Maybelline costs half the price and some others cost twice the price, right? I always prefer cheap make up brands, I don't want to waste money with things I might not like, I mean, you can't try mascara, what if I pay lots of money and then I don't like it?
    I'm new at cream eyeshadows, I only have a couple of them and I'm looking for the Essence ones. I really like to use them alone or as a base, these two here will make an awesome holiday look!! :D
    Merry Christmas sweety!

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  3. Yes, it sucks in some cases, in others it's normal ^ ^
    Gloss eyeshadows a bit more sticky and gglossy than cream ones, I have only o ne cream shadow and it was a gift in a kids magazine, so ... yeah ^ ^
    Merry Christmas to you too ^ ^

  4. By far I've only used cream eyeshadow. And it quite depend on a brand, because I've had some good ones and also really bad... I like them from Essence or Oriflame, they keep on my eyes amazingly, no creasing, but I've had some from Avon and they weren't good at all, so now I'm using them as an eyeliner... Once, few years ago, I had MS cream e/s(I think, this gloss one is kind of new, isn't it) and they were terrible, honestly. But they may improved, I didn't buy this gloss, cause I thought it will be the same, anyway I love the final result with Essence e/s. Whitch shade is it? No. 2 or 3 or some discontinued?

  5. MS one is discontinued and the Essence one is Starlight ^ ^

  6. Really?? We still have them :D :D In one older drugstore, they don't have many make-up brands and they don't change the range very often, so... :D