Saturday, December 17, 2011

Creme Rouge from Alvede - review

Hey girls, are you preparing for the holidays ? Did you put up you Christmas tree and decorations ? I still don't feel the dpirit of the holiday, I still haven't touched all the Christmas stuff.. Any way back on the topic - Today I'm gonna do a review of the creme rouge by Alverde.For those of you that don't know Alverde is a natural cosmetic line, from Germany, that belongs to the DM drogerie market and it can only be found in the DM stores ^ ^ /or online I suposse /

So the rouge I have is in number 2 Soft Coper

The colour stays very natural on the skin / at least on my skin /

My cheeks are naturally "blushed", so it looks like I'm wearing a bit of blush all the time, but I do have some health issues and then I get really pale and look.... well like a vampire ^ ^ So I deffenatly need a touch of rouge to look a bit more alive ^ ^ And because I don't know when it will happen, i prefer to carry to rouge whit me and put it on, when I need it. So I really wanted to try out a cream rouge, because I don't need a brush to put it on, just a finger /of witch I have 10 ^ ^/ so when I saw this one on sale for half price /3.90 leva, from 7.90 leva/ I just had to have it ^ ^ I had it for a while now and I must say I'm pretty happy whit it ^ ^
I love the fact that it looks natural, but it has a little sparkle in it, it's super cute ^ ^
I also love the fact that I can carry it around and just put it on whit my finger when needed for less than 30 seconds
The fact it's natural only helps more ^ ^
I'm sad I didn't buy anoither one, when it was on sale ^ ^


  1. Such a pretty colour! Very natural and I like the little sparkle in it! Creme blushes are very easy to carry with you and use anytime, I wish more companies offered them!