Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blue Grass

Just a few older looks ^ ^ I'm going to start whiut this one, witch I named Blue Grass /i was also thinking of Green Sky/ So these are the products I used: - Essence MultiDim. eyeshadow - 07 blue lagoon - Essence Colour and Go - o4 Simply Me - Essence white kojl pencil - Catrice eyeshadow brush - Maybaline Mascara - One by One - Veryme double trouble eye pencil - goddess green
Soo, first you take your pencil and whit the blue side do a line on your upper led, next to your lashes / like a eyeliner/ from the inner corner to the middle of your eye. Do the same on the lower lid. Then use the green part and do the same, but this time start from the middle of your eye, where the blue ones ends, to the end of the eye and if you want do a cat eye look or whatever. After that you apply blue eyeshadow on your lid on up from the blue pencil and the the green one on top of the green one. Use as much as you want, I used a little but. And as far away as you go from the eye and blend it. Blending is really important here. I've used a bit of eyeshadow and it's only in my crese, but you can always extend it ^ ^Then apply the white pencil on your waterline - that makes you're eyes bigger - and put your mascara at the end and voyla

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  1. I remember this look, it's sooo pretty! I think I should try this mascara, your lashes are perfect!