Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The big mascaras review ^ ^

Ok, os this is the big Mascara topic, we are going to talk about 8 differend mascaras and talk about the right way to put it on.
These are the mascaras I currently own:

First we are going to see the mascaras, and then we are going to talk about the right ways to apply a mascara ^ ^ The first picture is the mascara, the second one is the wand and the last one - how it stays on the eye. In all of the photos I've got only one coat of mascara on, whit out any twisting, turning,shaking or whatever... I wasn't even that preciced, like if you are in a hurry ... Hope you get the idea ^ ^

It has a small wand/brush witch very comfortable, because you can get to every little single lash.
I'm really sad it's discontinued, because it really was very good. It doesn't smudge and is super easy to remove, but in the same time stays on your lashes for a super long time. If you see it in your beauty shop, i would recommend buying it ^ ^

This was /because it's discontinued a long time ago/ my fave essence mascara. The brush looks like a small comb, so it "brushes thru" every lash ^ ^

I actually got this mascara as a gift from oriflame, when I used to sell it. Wjen i looked at the brush, it wasn't amazid, but it turned out great ^ ^

This is the only waterproof mascara i have at the moment, to be hones I don't like it - it's not waterproof and it makes my lashes appear shorter and fewer then they are normally...

Here in Bulgaria we don't have decorative cosmetics from Nivea, so I was very happy when the sweet Natalie sended this to me for my birthday in the summer. I love it, and I'mstill wondering why don't we have it here ...

Again - small brush, easy to get too, the curved wand make it easer to get to the rooths of the lashes, it has a bit of a strange smell.

One of my top 3 mascaras, I know it doesn't look much in the picture, but it's amazing in real liffe ^ ^

My fave mascara of all time ! I love it ! It normally cost 28 leva, but from time to time MAxFactor makes promotion and sell them on a special price - the difference is the colour of the packaging - first it was purple, then pink and now as you can see - gold /i had all of them btw/ and they cost only 12.90 leva, wotch is a lot lot cheaper. Around christmas I had a bit more money, so I even got 2, not that I don't have enough mascaras all ready ... It's pigmented, it has an amazing brush, it's just perfect ^ ^

Now, when I see the pictures I see that the pictures look very alike, believe me in real life they all look complitly differenr, I hope you can still see the differences.

SO now let's talk about the right way to pun on a mascara
1. Yous hould always start whit your lower lashes, if you start whit the upper ones when you look up to apply the mascara on the lower lashes, you will leave dots from your upper lashes on your skin under the brow.
2. You should start all the from the roots for a more dramatic effect, if you are going for a more natural look, leave some space.
3. While applying the mascara on your lashes, if you roll the wand uppwords, it will help your lashes separate them self, and if you move it from left to right whit small fast movements, it will help them be longer.
4. Experts say that the perfect lashes should have 4 coats of mascara whit a 30 seconds time between the coats.
5. You should use your mascara for a maximum of 3 months after you've opened it, otherwise it will start shredding and make small black dots on your lashes /like in my case, most of the mascaras I just showed you are opened more than months ago/. This is my biggest mistake I make - i have a lot of mascara, but I continue to buy more and more and the minute I buy them - I have to try them on .... Please don't make my mistakes ^ ^
Hope you've enjoyed this, I', actually suposed to be studying for my folklore exam in Sunday, but this is more helpful ^ ^


  1. First of all, wow, you have amazing lashes!! This is a great post because now that Essence discontinued my fav mascara(the first one) I have to find another one. I generally like Oriflame mascaras but I haven't found one to really really love. I think I'll try the MaxFactor (I like the wand very much) and the 2 Maybelline ones. Thanks so much doll! :D