Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crystalliced highlighter and glitters review

Здравейте ! Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been that active, but it's exam time ^ ^
I don't know about your countries /cities/ but here it's snowing like never before /well at least for 50+ years/ and it's cold - around - 30 every morning, so I finally got the feeling of winter time.
There is this Essence TE called "Crysralliced", sadly we didn't have it here, but a few days ago the sweet,sweet Natalie /her blog by the way is one my fave - / wrote me, that they have it stores, so she asked me if I want something and she was sweet enough to sent them to me. /Here is place to say, that the greek post office does a much better job than ours - i got her for less than 28 hours, and the things I've sent haven't made it yet/
/don't mind the BG, I'm listening to music again/

So the first thing was the liquid highlighter, here the cheapest one I've seen cost around 80 leva, so I really wanted to try one.

First of all I like that it has a pump, it's so much easier. When it comes out it looks light grey and shimmery. When you smudge it it has a grey undertone and shimmer. On the last picture you can see how it reacts on light, it's all over my hand, but you can only see the "bright" side, that's turned to the light. It looks really good on the face, because you use it only on some parts, where you want /for example under the eyes/above the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose,a small part under the brow ... depending on the featers of your face/ I wouldn't say that its for everyday, because of the shimmer, but having in mind that I use make-up mainly, when I go out, or when I go on stage/dancing, talking,hosting or whatever/, it's perfect for me. Besides it's winter and the glitter looks like small snowflakes ^ ^

They are so cute <3 This is shimmery glitter for the body and face /sorry you can't see it very good, my camera sux/ Again I wouldn't say it's for everyday use, but if you use just a little bit, than it's perefct ^ ^ The other trick you can use here is - you take your fave body lotion, you add a bit glitter /not even 1/4 of the whole thing, really just a small part/, then you shake it very,very,very well and you have a glittery body lotion /esepshaly for the summer/ A few years ago I use to do this all the time, when we had body glitter ^ ^

Just wanted to say Thank you again to Natalie, for sending these, THANK YOU <3 <3 <3


  1. They look great and I'm really happy you like them!! :D Great tip the one for the glitter body lotion, I'll try it!