Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crazy Good Times by Essence

May be you've noticed, but I am a big fan of the brand "Essence", well they had a giveaway over on twitter / / and I was on of the lucky winners who got try some products from the TE "Crazy Good Times". Having in mind that we don't get any TE here I was super exited and today when I come home - the package was here !
SO these are the goodies I got

I must say I am more than happy whit everything ! Let's see all the items one by one : )
Let's start whit the nail polishes - I got two - a black and pink glitter polishes

/right now I don't have nails, so I coloured aritifishal ones, both whit only 1 coat/
I loved them ! They both got these big glitters, not small pices, big ones that look great ! The pink ones reminds me of strawberries for some reason ^ ^ As all of the other polishes by Essence that I've tried - it takes only one coat, doesn't try slow and looks great ! Btw - also tried - they work for water marble too !

As I said, sadly right now I have no nail /too short/, so this is going to wait a little bit. If you don't know what this is - you just puti it no top of your nail and you have a fantastic manicure in no time and this one is speacil, why ? Because first you have to apply a coat of " your fave" nail polish and then put this on top, it's supose to have a 3D effect. Can't wait to try it /stupid cold allregy -.-/

The face and body glitter stick
I love it <3 I do have thing for glitter and this is just so good, you just go over the part that you want to "glitter-up" and it's there, it doesn't fall, it's not sticky and it smell super yammy and delicious and it's just super, OK ^ ^ It's small so you can carry it around in your bag, it will be over in ... well a lot, because it doesn't put a lot of products on you, it's just perfect in any way, I really can't find a down site of it : ) And for the false lashes /i love eyelashes, so you can imagine how exited I was/ On the back it says to start applying them from the middle, but if you ask me it's better to start in the outter corner, that way you will be sure to give yourself a more natural look.

Before I start, I just want to say, that the lashes look like that, because I didn't first colour my lash line, a person's lashes are on several roads, not only one and mine are well a bit more and if i out on lashes or pencil,shadow,even mascara it looks strange because of that

So now, that this has been cleared, let's start whit number 04 Candyction - they are these half lashes, only for the outer part, they have a little greenish colour at some points /and if you apply your mascara after you've put on your lashes, not like me before it, then just take your want from the roots to the outer corner , so it will follow the flow of the fake lashes ; ) It won't look so strange, believe me ^ ^/

Number 05 Colourbration - they are these super full, super cool lashes that are also full of colour - black, green and blue

And last, but not least Number 06 Confetteria - long, whit little sprakle : )

False Lashes - I love all of them ! Remember that you have to put your mascara AFTER you've applied the lashes, not like me in this case /I just wanted to see how they look and didn't want to put mascara on them/ to blend in your lashes whit the fake ones. I also love the new Essence glue /i have the "party lashes" and the glue was good, but the container wasn't/ and on top of that it's want is flat, so it's easier to apply the glue on the lashes and it has this fun blueish colour, witch makes it more fun if you ask me ^ ^ I prommise that I'll do a look whit the lashes and you'll see how they really look on the eye, soon ^ ^

I love every single product i recieved and I am extremly happy that I was one of the winners, thank you Essence <3


  1. OMG, I received them too but I had no time to play with them yet! The eyelashes are so pretty and so crazy!! Is the eyelash glue any good or should I use my own?

  2. It's really good, it works wonderful, at least whit these lashes ^ ^

  3. Your eyes looks so seductive !!

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  4. i love the false eyelashes on the last pic. i have actually never tried their products. i guess i will have to. :-)


  5. you' re so lucky person!:D

    these lashes look amazing!!:) What glue did you used? Glue attached to the lashes? I'm just asking, I have never has false eyelashes and these loook soooo beautiful on your eyes:)

  6. Yes, I used the glue from the Lashes : )