Thursday, February 9, 2012

In a Hurry make-up - Part 1

I'm sure all of you have been in this scenery - you have to be out in 10 minutes to go to a club/official dinner/cocktail or some where else, and the place requaerce /never could spell that, sorry/ a little more make-up than usual. For a few days I'll be posting a cople of ideas from witch you can get insipired in a hurry : )
So this actually happened to me a few days ago - I had a cocktail I had to go to,and when I was getting ready I lost track of time /curs you Disney Chanel :D/ and I had 10 min to do my make-up and hair, the hair took me around 3 minutes - I have a device that can help you make a perfect bun in a no time /I should make a review of it !/ and most of the time whened to put my bangs up ^ ^ For the eyes I did a fast two-coloured smokey eye - black and green. I've used only two pencils/the black from Essence, the green from Oriflame, a blending brush/from Essence and a mascara/honestly I don't remember witch one I grabbed/
/sorry, you can't see the green very well... the picture is bad, but I was in a hurry/

You take the black pencil and draw a line under your lower lashes and above your upper lashes, it dosen't have to be perfect, you'll smudge it anyway ^ ^ The you smudge it whit your blending brush, then add more black pencil only at the outer corner of the eye /on the picture you see the black only for some strange reason/ and smudge again. Then take your green pencil and apply it all over your lid, but only on the inner half and a bit more /where you don't have black/ and smudge, apply mascara and go ^ ^
I was done whit both eyes for under one song time /around 3.50-4:00 minutes/ and even had time to put some lip gloss and because my eyes have more heavy make-up and therefore are the center of attention - my lips where nude. This is a really important thing - always go for the eyes or the lips, never accent on both of them, same goes if you want to expose some skin - legs, or brests

p.s. I am currently trying to get a great camera from a friend of mine for a few days and if it works out, belive me I'll take a lot of pics for a lot of reviews and looks ^ ^ I just can't show the things I want, because my Canon is a bit old and can't take decent pictures whit details ^ ^

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  1. ooh, very pretty look! I can't believe it was that fast, it's perfect for a night out!