Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY: Maneken

Hey for the 3rd time today /I'm on a roll ^ ^/. If you've seen my "easy one sleeve blouse for beginers" post, then you know I love to sew my own clothes and make my own accesoaries. But there comes a time, when I can't do anything speacil in the back, because I don't own a maneken, because the cheapest one is 300 leva. When I saw this I just said "Pff, I'll make my own !" and that how Frankenani /my real name is Angelina, there for Franken Ani/ was born ^ ^ Here is how it looks like:/I'm sorry I forgot to move my textbooks from the shot *emebressed*/

And whit my last project, witch still isn't finished, as you can clearly see. /ps - the belt is Tally Weijl/

It's super easy to make and super fast and best of all - free. I made my myself, but I can bend my hands really well, so you may need a little help for the back. /It's going to be whit your own size, what more could you want ? /
What will you need ?
- An old blouse, that you won't wear anymore and are willing to destroy / or you can use a huge plastic bag, that covers your tours/
- Some kind of a strong tape /I've used the tape that's used to fix sinks and stuff/
- Old pieces of clothes, old projects any thing like this that you don't need.
- Hanger /optional, if you want to hang it from somewhere/

How to do it ?
- You put on the blouse/bag, you take the tape and roll it around you. It's best do start under the breasts and finish whit your neck /be careful not to make too tight on the neck !!! You can make it as big as you want - you can stop at your bellybutton, your waist, t=your butt, your legs.... I've made mine to the point of low waisted pants. Here you may need some help whit the back. Just wrapped it really good and tight.
- After that ask someone /or do it yourself if you can twist your arms like me/ to cut it in the middle of the back all the way from the neck down to the waist, cutting the blouse whit the tape of course.
- Carefaly take it of and using the tape tape the back together again.
- Put tape underneed the whole thing, then start filling it from the top whit the scraps. Hen you reach the top, put a hnager /optional/, put tape on both sites where the arms are fill it to the top of the neck and tape in again and... that's it ^ ^

By the way - it will end up a lill' bit bigger than you, have that in mind ^ ^

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