Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunny's tips: Natural highlights on the hair ^ ^

The newest trend, that started in the begining of the summer and goes on at least till the end of the winter is the brownish/redish/beggie highlights in the hair. It dosn't matter if we are talking about the whole hair, or only some tufts. I'm gonna share whit you a few ways to make your hair in a lighter color /or make tufts/ whit some help from mother nature ^ ^ In that way, you will not only get the fashionable colour you want, but your hair be more healthy and shiny. 1) Chestnut Just boil some in hot water. Depending on your hair - for long hair around 10-15 chestnuts will be fine and for short 5 will be perfect. Soak your hair in it. After from 30 to 60 minutes wash your hair like you normaly do. For a more intense effect stay whit it longer. The effect isn't that big, it looks like it has been done natural, by the sun ^ ^ Like beeing on the beach for 2 mounths ^ ^ 2) Nettle Do the same thing whit the nettle ^ ^ / look above, number 1) / 3) Beer Wash your hair whit it ^ ^ That's it ^ ^ And again - the more you stay whit it, the more intense the colour is going to became ^ ^ 4) Honey You will need honey and water / whit ph 7/, and one tea spoon of: cineman or vinegar or coconut oil. The proportion is 1:6 honey: water. Mix as much as you feel you need for your hair and add the ocineman/vinegar or coconut oil. Put it on wet hair, just wet, not dripping wet. Put on a shower cap or foil and a towel on top. Stay like this for one hour and after that rinse whit water.

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