Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Essence's handcreams and lotions

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about Essences range for hand care. As some of you might remember i have much problems whit my hands /cold alregues, i have it 12 mounts, not only during winter/ and i have tryed many differend hand creams and lotions and these are just perfect. The only other cream that helps me is 28 leva /depents on the brand - 28 euro or 14 euro/ nad this are around 1.00 - 1.50 euro /around 2-3 leva, but we don't have them in my country ^ ^ Anywasys here there are
12h hand protection balm "this 12h protection balm offers the ultimate pampering care. the repair formula with a combination of shea butter and coconut oil provides intense moisture for stressed and extremely dry hands. when there isn't enough room in your handbag for a complete intensive care range, the 12h formula provides enough moisture and care to protect your hands from drying!" For me, it's not 12 hours, but about 4 hours, witch is great. I'm not shure is it because of the cream or my hands /i think it's my hands, but i can't be shure/.The smell is deacent.
24h hand moisture balm "this 24h hand moisture balm provides non-stop hydration for your hands. the formula with yoghurt and green tea smoothens and regenerates dry skin immediately. 24 h moisturing effect. is absorbed quickly without leaving an oily film." Here i can really feel my hands moisturised ^ ^ It makes a great pakage whit the mousturasing face cream,gel and mask by the way. The mines side - the smell. It took me some time to get used to it... if the smell can be chaged - it will be perfect !
2-in-1 hand & nail balm "our 2-in-1 hand & nail balm with yoghurt extracts and calcium, pampers stressed hands and looks after your nails and cuticles too! the moisturizer soaks in quickly, leaving your hands and nails looking beautiful and soft to touch." I really like this product.You can feel the differnce emidiatly ! My cuticles always look better afetr aplying the cream on my hands. The smell is pretty good, if not maby the best of the regilar range of essence creams. The last cream /lotion/ i snot on the site for some reason It's this one * sorry for the bad quality, but it's the best i could find on the internet *
Hydra balance hand lotion "a hydra balance hand lotin whit lemongrass for light care, that provides youe hands whit pure moisture without leaving an oily residue. With vitamins a and e and pro-vitamin b5 for soft and sipple hands. This handlotion refreshes and revives your hands and is quickly absober" A very, very refreshing lotioon, espeashly in the summer heat / In my country it's 40 degrees C at the moment /. Again the minus site is the smell - to ,me it smells a bit like medicine + a turjish tooner /this turkish tonner is a speacial ligut that when you're not feeling weel, you can just put some in your hands, and the smell will get you going up again, it's very refreshing/ All the products leave your hands extremly soft , they all aborve into theskin very fast and most importantly for me 0- they help my alergies ^ ^ If you are some of those lucky people, that have them in your country - i recoment you to try them, you won't be sorry ^ ^

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