Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunny's tips: White nails and teeth

I bet you all want pearly white teeth and nice, clean, white nails. Here are some little, yet effective tricks for you ^ ^ Nails: Buy an ordinary whitening, put a bit on a toothbrush/soft one, you can buy a new one, the cheap one cost less than a cup of coffe ^ ^/ and massage it on your nails /after first cleaning them up of course/. After that put you nails /hands/ in warm water whit fresh lemon juice and small parts of the lemon /as we all know it's great for whitening stuff/ And then put on some nail oil or if you don't have any - just put some vinegar ^ ^ Teeth: I'm going to share whit you two ways 1) Lemon and soda /cooking soda/ Just mix fresh lemon juice whit cooking soda, until you get a paste. Put that on your teeth for a few minutes and the wash away whit your toothbrush. 2) Strawberry and soda /cooking soda/ Smash a strawberry and add half tea spoon of cooking soda. Put the paste on your teeth for a few minutes and wash away whit you toothbrush. Here you can use things you can use at home and things you already have. You don't have to give a lot of money to have an amazing effect ^ ^

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