Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunny's tips : What's your skin type

This is the first topic and it's all about finding out your skin type ^ ^ And for some reason latley i started writing whit more spelling mistakes ^ ^ Sorry if a leter is missing, my keyboard is playing games on me ^ ^ You have been warned ^ ^ /And no, the a),b)... letters are like that ^ ^ / 1 How do you feel your skin ? a) smooth and normal b) tight and taut c) dry in some parts and normal in others d) oily and shiny 2 How does your skin look in the middle of the day ? a) fresh and clean b) there are red parts / on your face ^ ^ / c) shiny in the T-zone / forhead,nose and chin / d) oily and/or shiny all over 3 How often do you get pipulse,black heads ... a) rarely e) from time to time c) often e) before/during my period 4 How do the poers on your face look ? a) they are from small to medium b) they are very small or unnoticable c) they are noticeable on m y T-zone d) they are big and easy to see 5 Whitch of these describes you ? / check all that do / e) I get sunburned... alot e) i get red dots on y face from stress e) i get spots and red dots when there are big chages in the wather e) my sceab reacts whit some cosmetics d) none of the above If you have mainly: a) - Your skin type is - normal b) - Your skin type is - dry c) - Your skin type is - mixed d) - Your skin type is - oily e) - Your skin type is - sensitive

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