Sunday, October 9, 2011

I ♥ GLAM powder eyeliner and eyeshadow review

"the ultimate all-round talent in terms of dramatic eye make-up: as a matter of fact the powder eyeliner & eye shadow is eyeliner and eye shadow in one. due to its loose khol texture it can be applied as both eyeliner and eye shadow. the special flock applicator provides an especially even result and the super fine shimmery pigments provide the i-love-styling with the absolute wow-effect! " I am IN LOVE whit this product... Seriously.... The applicator is hard from the inside, but soft on the outsite and it's flexible at the end, so it really is perfect.The amount that goes on your skinis just perfect and it has this very nice shimmery effect, witch you will love. I know it says "I love glam", but when i saw how it looks on the skin the world - stage - came up in my mind. It's totally what I would wear on the stage - no matter if I'm dancing or acting. It will just look perfect - it doesn't matter if the sun or the lights "light up" the sparkle on your eyes, that this will give you, will always look PERFECT ^ ^

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