Sunday, October 9, 2011

Essence's Long lasting foundation review ^ ^ "this long-lasting make-up ensures a smooth and silky complexion all day long. the delicate texture allows a simple and even application. the foundation comes with a pump dispenser for perfect dosage so you can create an indescribably beautiful look. available in different shades. " First i fell in love whit the bottle and the pump dispenser. That's a whole lot cleaner, than in a tube / you may squzethe tube too much for instanse / It realy depents on what kind of foundations you prefer. If you need one that you can really see and say "wow that girls has absolutly flaless skin, ow wait why dosen't she have a single frackle or moll /little one ^ ^ " ? I hope you got the idea. It really makes like this almoust unvisable layer on top of your face. You can still se the fracles and molls / samll ones ^ ^ /, but all the red, blue / if you are hurt / and other "great" colours from your ace aren't there anymore. You realy can't tell you have anything on you. But when in direct sunlight your face is a bit sparklly, witch is very cute if you ask me. It's perfect for an urban surounding, beacuse the gasses from the cras and all that stuff can really damage your skin. Foundation will help keep it save / it realydepents on how much you put though ^ ^ / And this one evan smells nice ^ ^ and it's easy to remove whit warm water ^ ^


  1. I'm on a hunt for a foundation and your description convinced me to try it. ;)
    I'm looking for a sheer, light color which would cover my red cheeks and left my freckles on, thanks ;)

  2. Than this will be perfect for you ^ ^