Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Cosnova brushes

Ok, so now i can say I'm INLOVE whit these brushes, no seriosly I am ^ ^ Let's start whit Essence
Smokey eyes brush "now you can create smokey eyes as easy as 1,2,3: the soft, rounded bristles in a trendy, intense purple color ensure an even smoother eye shadow application for breathtaking smokey eyes! comes in a practical pouch." The perfect blending brush ! I've tryed other ones, and i've never been happier whit a blending brush.... Combine the smokey eyes set whit this brush /and eye pencil/ and you will get the most perfect smokey eyes ever, i promise ^ ^ The brush comes in a packag, so it stays clean ^ ^ And ofcours it's purple ! ^ ^
Gel eyeliner brush "one applicator, plenty of looks: the special gel eyeliner brush allows you to create a multitude of styles ranging from classic to sexy to dramatic! thanks to the slanted bristles in a trendy blue color, the gel eyeliner brush is a true eye-catcher! comes in a practical pouch with a fashionable design." Yet another perfect brush. The brush absolutly flat and the edge is super thin, witch helps you get the perfect line - dosen't matter if you want a thin line, or a tick one - it all can be done whit ease whit this brush. It's perefct for drawing lines under your water line by the way ^^ It's in blue and it too comes in a package ^^
Blush brush "pink is beautiful! particularly in terms of the new blush brush from essence. its soft, beveled brush hair are perfect for shading and modeling face and cheeks. especially the cheek area can be professionally accentuated and highlighted with the blush brush. the brush is always well kept in the handy, transparent packaging and always ready for action." The feel is sooo nice, it's like silk, cotton and a cloud in one ^ ^ I got it today, but i just had to try it ^ ^ The shape of the brush is perfect, you can adjust the blush exactly the way you want, you can turn the angle of the brush depenting on how much you want to put. It also has the perfect angle modeling the face and the cheek bones. I' m really happy whit it
Powder blush "wellness program for your skin: the velvety soft brush hair subtly glide over your skin. due to its slightly rounded form lose or pressed powder can be ideally dispersed for a flawless finish. when travelling it can quickly be stored in the corresponding outer package." It again has this silky-cotton-cloud AMAZING feel on your face. The shape is pretty good, it's not flat, it has a small angle, witch i love. I tryed it whit a compact powder and a loose powder and both looked great and were exactly where i wanted, as mush as a i wanted and blended perfectly, witch if you don't have a good brush is imposible ^ ^ They are in these super cute travel bags and are in amazing pink / fashion violet whit a black end. I can recomend every single one of these brushes to all of you ^ ^ Now moving on to Catrice
Eye Shadow Brush ""A true classic that can handle any trend! Whether you’re using loose or pressed eyeshadow – application is sure to be effortless with this all-rounder: the professional Eye Shadow Brush by CATRICE. With fine and rounded synthetic bristles, this brush is perfect for fading out your eyeshadow or for blending several colors. Comes with a practical, re-sealable cover." It's so easy to apply eyeshadows whit this brush, i just can stop doing it ^ ^ It is falted /not falt, but still/, witch again comes very handy - depending on what look you are going for ^ ^ It comes in a package - and it's super easy to get it out/in of it ^ ^
Gel Eyeliner Brush "Two ends, one goal: professional eye make-up. The innovative Gel Eye Liner Brush helps you create fine, accurate eyelines as well as dramatic looks – depending on whether you use the end with the fine tip or the end with slanted bristles." Kind-off a "pimp-up version of Essence's gel eyeliner brush. The second end you can use to make small lines/ dotts where you need them ^ ^ It again comes in this super comfy package ^ ^

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