Sunday, October 9, 2011

Essence eyeliner swatches /all black/

Ok, so here i made a short animation presenting 4 items, whit the help of witch you can make .... well what ever you want ^ ^ Here I've used a very basic look, so you can see how it looks whit each of these products - the powder eyeliner and eyeshadow, black mania kajal pencil, pencil eyeliner and the gel eye liner ^ ^ On 3 of the looks, i even made my lashes disapear,with the help of a loose powder, so you will see the colour and lines better.
So it's practacly from softer to harder / from top left,teh right,then bottom left and of cours right /. I tryed to make the thinest line i can under my waterline and clearly the winner was the gel, after that pencil, powder and the kajal at the end. I love all of them, so it really depents on what look you're after ^ ^

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